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  2. STBB #572

    Thanks sixfingers for the nice sample - i think black milk chopped it, too. So my field recording is a Hi-hat pling with a glas of water! have fun
  3. STBB #572

    This track was quite challenging for me because I was totally out of ideas at the beginning, but I'm kinda happy with the final result. Recorded a few samples on the way to work, but, had to make my own siren in Sytrus.
  4. STBB #572

  5. STBB #572

    last night @ my bro's house .a. you have a kitaro rec. perhaps the stbb sample is on that rec....o..unfortunatly not ok . open the net. rec,slice,play that _ during my bro worked on his mpc, I was bored and checke out that kitaro rec...and worked well togehter.. yo bo..theres the rule to include a field recording....weeee could combine those sounds...rec with the mobile..that would count.ya ? ya.but the quality... so we decide to make a freestyle with the LP and the MPC and rec it . kitaro was on the field, we recorded it . wish you fun with our good mastered sound .JOY
  6. Brockhampton

    Also here's a Merlyn meme I made lol Also super bummed Follow didn't make it on any of them, so lame def one of my favorites
  7. Brockhampton

    I've been obsessed since Saturation 1, heard about them from Fantano. Easily the most exciting hip hop in years, they're clearly inspired by Odd Future but they're all much better than those dudes ever were as a group. They got Christian Clancy managing them now, same dude that did for Odd Future as well which is prob helping them blow up even more. Kevin Abstract writes some of the best hooks I've heard in a long ass time, extremely catchy (Gold is what sold me on them). The weirdness of dudes like Merlyn and Joba is awesome too, love all the energy from them. Very happy to see how much hype they're getting now, it's well deserved. Each one of the Saturation records was better than Kendrick/Jay-Z/Tyler/etc last year imo. It was bananas when they announced a 3rd album before the 2nd one even dropped. What's more crazy is how consistent each release was, each getting better than the last. What they're doing for gay folks in rap is cool too, much more interesting than Tyler's 'sorta' coming out stuff on his last one. Bummed I missed out on the Saturation box set, was totally going to buy one but didn't see them announce it until after sold out Def looking forward to Team Effort. James I dunno if you got the Saturation Demos but lots of good stuff to check out there too (Let me know if you want those!) Couple more good ones if people are curious (Couple of my favorite 'catchy' ones):
  8. peace trying to get my project funded if you feel the album go out and support peace & thanks
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  10. STBB #572

  11. Brockhampton

    not sure what happened, but for some reason it just all clicked for me the past week or so. i've been aware of these guys all last year, but now i'm realizing just how much i had been sleeping on them since then. they're not at all what i had originally thought of them, and the more i dive in the more interested i get in the whole world they've built up for themselves. it would be like if 12 of us on the STMB just moved into a house and started making media -- beats, raps, lyrics, vocals, films, music videos, graphic design, fucking everything...all independently. i didn't realize how much they had blown up until this week when i tried buying tix to their show this Thursday in Denver. not only are these tix sold the fuck out, they're currently climbing up in price on Stubhub past the $100 point -- per ticket. also noticed a massive jump in their channel's hits, they have like 20 songs that have passed the 1 million view mark. shit's crazy...and they're just starting to blow up. has anyone else here been listening to the best boy band ever?
  12. what are you listening to?

    yo this new single actually had me cracking the fuck up and has gotten me pretty hyped for this
  13. STBB #572

    record some atmos outside a cafe yesterday morning. the garbage truck comes, and some cars and a delivery of fizzy drinks. layered up atmos over beat, chopped in some car horns and street noises from atmos into beat. Beat is all sample and three outside drum (Kick, bass and snare).
  14. STBB #572

  15. STBB #572

  16. STBB #572

    Maybe not too much hip hop, but...enjoy! congrats to the winner!

    PEACE NEW TRACK ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. STBB #572

    used some bird sounds from outside. also the Bass is made out of a Car noise.
  19. STBB #572

    i do field recordings every week so this was fun. walked out front in the intro. all the percussion is from the sample and from field recordings around my house. hope you dig.
  20. STBB #572

    long time I don't participate in a beat battle but hey i'm still alive
  21. what are you listening to?

  22. Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    Is that King Bob from Recess?
  23. STBB #572

  24. STBB #572

    klopt!.. might wanna keep it in english for the rest of the guys.. yes, this was used for a dutch kidsshow starring a clown and an acrobat
  25. STBB #572

    Recorded some ambience outside my house sounded spacey so themed it as such. Shifted pitch & chopped up sample and added drums, bass & the acca through a VST to make it sound otherworldly...
  26. STBB #572

    Volgens mij is dit gebruikt bij Bassie en Adriaan. Komt echt bekend voor.
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