STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

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20 hours ago, PBB said:


Belated happy B-day!

I'm in good health let's keep it at that ;) .. thanks!

13 hours ago, Psychedelic Schizophrenic said:

Lol man, it was far too early as I didn't expect to see a photo first thing in morning of you with your hose in hand 😫😂

hehe..it is a bit of a shocker isn't it? 😛

8 hours ago, Detritus Tabu said:

Hey Joa, Happy Birthday you young whippersnapper! I turned 50 last week. Virgos do it with household appliances. Hope you had a great one. Here is a pic from mine. See those glasses on my collar- you will need a pair like them very soon. Peace, Hugh


aaaah, Congrats man! I felt that virgo connection subconsiously..
and I feel honored you're sharing a personal pic on here.
bash was awesome.
thanks Hugh..

man, I already got them reading glasses and am holding on to my hair for dear life ;)

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