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Bugseed New Beat Tape "FRESH JIVE EP" OUT.

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Hello! im bugseed, beatmaker/producer from Japan. I just released brandnew freshest beattape "Fresh Jive EP" on bandcamp. This Ep is for your hottest summer from tropical Okinawa island of Japan. Hope you enjoy to listen! :) also you can order more another cassette tape/cds at much appreciate for your supports!!

"Bugseed - Fresh Jive EP"

and you could check how i making cassette tapes video on youtube.


A1.bugseed - chapter
A2.bugseed - greenhouse
A3.bugseed - full spectrum
A4.bugseed - surrender
B1.bugseed - stone head
B2.bugseed - borrowed time
B3.bugseed - hotline
B4.bugseed - what was

Peace from Okinawa, Japan.



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as always, bugseed, this is  L I T !!!!✌️
for me the link you posted for the video was not working because it is an "edit" link personally for you on youtube i guess.
this would be the correct link for everyone wanting to see how bugseed crafted these tapes in an epic timelapse vid: 

"greenhouse" and "hotline" are instant classics for me and trust these are gonna be on repeat for DAYZZZ,
great and motivating work, respect

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thank you so much to fix that link bqqs!!!! :)
your words have been very encouraging for my music life. thanks again!!


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