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STBB #585-confused john travola week

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finally got a chance to collab with Banizzz..  homie asked if I would sing on his track so I did

all I was hoping that I could deliver to the standard of his dope work.

got some last minute feeds that some distortion or way of muffling the vocals would make them fit better in this particular ( lo-fi ) instru

it felt sorta weird making the clean vocals sound "less good" but I think it worked out well.. at least I hope so

this is mix 19 out of 25..  at this point I'm not sure of anything anymore.

pz Joa




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im so excited to hear what yall been cookin! here's my entry!

Bass came from sampel

Main drums frem smpla

Wierd perc instrument thing fmro smeple


The goat hide from my lil Moroccan handrum

Some quarters in my pocket

A box full of toothpicks (mint flavored thanks for asking)

My mouth

Oh yeah I also sang a lil bit





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