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13 hours ago, FatVonFree said:

Or support folks ya know "fellow producers" that put out projects..instead of telling another producer here in this this forum on this site to steal shit from others....... cheers 

Sorry folks. I did not want to stand on anyone^s feet.

as old punk, hippie, root rocker or what ever, that spend as much money as possible in collectin records, go to jams , it's also great to be able to hear cool sound, they already has been spreaded (for example in the net..soundcloud.. or whatever...why not have them on walkman or some to lisn to by walkin in the forest.without streamin connections...yeah.. was perhaps not the right place to write, I agree, but I hold it down with cool sound .. show it to my friends and keep it great . 

aaaam . yeah . peace .seeee ya out there .still human heart

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