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The numbers just never add up.


I can never math right.


Once again we are presented with small community politics poisioned by the monkey see triclke down effect of the leading examples performing the same douchey power plays. I would say touche, but I already got all the points 


1-11-18 captains log

And I begin to watch STBB "coincidently" address structural issues with a 'cleaver'ish masquerade

I have yet to receive help or guidance with formal requesting.

Moderation and administration appear non-existent... Or turned rogue. Apparently, behind the scenes, a single user is responsible for such a directed malice, involving the breaching of public data, abuse of civil duties, and an eye to discriminate and treat individual user accounts like Guantanamo's owners know.

?-?-? hungrymen in need of tissues cuz those crumbs be FLAGRANT

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