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Supafly Arturro


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Gold everywhere this week, s u p e r - hard to choose.
The most wowy moments came from:

o1. Otesla
o2. Lif
o3. Julian Convex

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...Fuuuuu    uego!

...Fuuuuu   ck!

...Fuuuuu   tile to even try to rate these beats!..


those samples Lo!

my top 5 keeps switching places..    

so much feels

gonna go with.. Hobgoblin on 1 coz of the feels..  really hit me in the heart..  it's mean and  lovely at the same time..LIFE    .. and dope even without an aca this time

lif on 2..  just so good..  that steez.. vibe and mix..  mwoah!.. making a chefs sign, kissing my thumb and indexfinger touching

on 3...Julian Convex.. hypnotizing drumbeat.. fun chops.. something different  KoKo Korg

damn.. that  means Kongchain on 4..  saw in your sc bio that you play keys with your fat wrinkley fingers without being able to play..

same here..  but you do a much doper job than I do.. so here's to ears!.. cheers!

5. Supafly arturro.. sweetness my man.. your tracks often have great musicality and structure.. I think you are a lil' underrated on here.. 


Detritus.. slowly hearing some actual kinda hiphop creeping into your jams here and there ;)  .. it's a dope one


 pz and understanding.. Joa

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OKAY! I woke up not too long ago and figured I should tally some votes, so here goes.

The winner is.....




Second place goes to l i f

Third goes to Julian Convex!

Congrats and great work all around, y'all always make me so proud.

As always, here is the spread


Looking forward to what you all have in store next week!

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woah! thanks for the love.

i'll get to my sample posting duties now so we can get the next one rolling :)



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