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Will This Blow Speakers?

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I'm pretty new to Mixing and Mastering and I recorded this track that i'll post below. At about 0:48 during the instrumental break i boosted all the low end frequencies on a drum hit to hype the audience for the 2nd verse. I'm mixing on headphones and it sounds really cool (in my opinion) but i'm afraid the sudden slam of low frequencies would damage the speaker/monitors of a listener.


I don't really know how speakers/monitors get blown or anything so i'm sorry if i sound like an amateur (i kinda am lol) but i was wondering if y'all could take a listen (carefully of course) and tell me if i should be worried or not.


Also if you could explain how and why speakers/monitors get blown that would be much appreciated too. I've googled it but I didn't seem to understand the sources I read.


Here's the track:



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