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Stones Throw Beat Battles - Mixtape - Vol 5

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round 5 of the yearly mixtapes is finished! same as the other tapes, one beat per producer; compiling over 40 tracks you may or may not have heard before. these are without a doubt my favorite projects to work on and previewing these jams always reminds me of how talented all of these beatmakers are. hands down, some of the best producers i've heard and it would be a shame for some of these songs to get lost/forgotten.

i've been in the battles for 6 years now, and have released one of these every year for the past 5. there was a 4 year timespan when i would participate every week. now, i rarely get a chance to make a weekly track, but i always carve out a couple days in my schedule to work on these mixtapes. i don't mix these to make money off of everyones hard work. i make these to promote the people from around the world and put them in the best light possible. chances are, a lot of these are brand new beats for heads, and people need to hear these!

i apologize for my shitty DJ skills. i'm always learning, and theres a few spots i'm less proud of :/

eitherway, i hope you enjoy!


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