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Can anyone identify this Knxwledge remix?

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Knxwledge played this track during the Stones Throw Showcase at SXSW a couple of months ago. Was trying find it to purchase, but unless I'm overlooking it, it's not on any of his current releases. Anyone know anything about it and where I can find it?

Here's a video clip:

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The spitters are definitely Conway and Westside Gunn...and I've heard this track, cant think of title tho ??!?'s in their catalog on one of their many joints...i even was saying how itd be dope to hear them over some Knxwledge produced tracks too....I thinks thats what that track is! Check these joints it may be on there...i was just posting about them in Talk topics forum

new Westside Gunn....On Heavy rotation!{along with his entire catalog}gunn-flygod-frt-2.jpg

Westside Gunn- "FLY GOD" {full LP, 2016}

1. Dunks (feat. Conway)

2. Gustavo (feat. Keisha Plum)

3. Shower Shoe Lords (feat. Benny)

4. Vivian at the Art Basel (feat. Your Old Droog)

5. Hall

6. Free Chapo (feat. Conway)

7. Over Gold (feat. Meyhem Lauren)

8. Bodies on Fairfax (feat. Danny Brown)

9. Chine Gun

10. King City (feat. Mach Hommy & DJ Qbert)

11. Omars Coming (feat. Roc Mariano & Conway)

12. Mr. T

13. 50 in. Zenith (feat. Skyzoo)

14. Sly Green Skit

15. 55 & a Half

16. Albright Knox (feat. Chase)

17. Dudley Boyz (feat. Action Bronson)

18. Outro (feat. Bro A.A. Rashid)

...And, on some classic rae and ghost type back to back co-defendants ish...."GRISELDA GHOST" {EP, 2015} - Westside & Conway


This too!...How'd I forget??!?conway-50rounddrum.jpg

Conway:"50 ROUND DRUM" {full LP, 2016}

Conway - "50 ROUND DRUM" track list

01. 50 Round Drum Intro

02. Keep It G

03. Unreleased (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk) 2

04. Klyde Drexler

05. Gold Pots Feat, Conway, Mach-Hommy

06. Seen It All

07. 1000 Corpses

08. We Made It

09. Anybody

10. Beloved Feat, Mach-Hommy & Benny

11. Blakk Tape

12. Body On The Gun

13. Coke On The Mirror

14. Sky Joint Feat Skyzoo & WestSideGunn

15. Rex Ryan Feat WestSideGunn & Roc Marci

16. TD Jakes

17. The Mobb

18. TOS

19. Wraith

20. Schemin

21. Silly Rabbitt

22. So Apalled

23. State Greens

24. Rigamortis

25. Bars

26. Bandit

27. Freestyle Statik Selektach Showoff Radio Shade 45

28. Pray For Buffalo

29. Dinner Plate

30. Exzibit-J

31. Draft Day

32. Birdy

33. Fire Squad

34. Ready To Die

35. Pat La Fontaine

36. Red Tops

37. Khristopher

38. NewSlaves

39. Oil Money

40. Off White

41. Greed Feat. Dj Infamous

42. Kommas

43. Grind

44. Killa Conway

45. !Go Fish! Vol. 1 Feat. Conway

46. Fendi Seats

47. Brains on the Basquiat

48. Rahbannga

49. Freestyle Statik Selektah Showoff Radio 3-1-16

50. Outro

@GrieseldaRecords @whoisconway

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...Found It...its titled "Gold Pots" by Westside Gunn featuring Conway and Mach Hommey...And Production credits belong to producer Daringer(??!?)...who does a good portion of Conway and Westside Gunn and Mach Hommey music for Griselda Records, along with a couple other in house team Griselda producers...But like I said itd be dope to hear them over some Knowledge production!...I think we can count on it!...wonder tho if he did this joint actually tho?...or was it just him feeling their good vibes musically and playing the track during the set out of good deejaying and respect?!?...hmmm???

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