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Looking for rappers/vocalists for EP

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I have no idea if this is the correct sub - if not just move my topic.

I'm looking for rappers and/or singers for an EP.

You'll need to be able to record decent vox (meaning a decent vocal chain and probably a treated room to record in).

I've been making music for about 25 years (not that is any kind of indicator of the quality), have worked with and recorded a bunch of different musicians and vocalists and am used to mix vocals and tracks.

I usually don't put my (unfinished) stuff up for public but you can hear the 2 tracks I've submitted to the beat battle comps here: just to get a feeling of what I'm doing (bare in mind these tracks were made using specific samples and following specific rules).

I have about 6 samplebeats and 6 self composed beats ready for the EP for you to choose from (full tracks incl. chorus, bridges and all kind of shit ... no vox yet though). I have no problem making something completely new for the right vocalist though. I'm guessing I'll end up with about 5 tracks.

If I decide to release it commercielly you'll of course receive royalties (whatever percentage we agree upon).

I can help with hooks, melodies, arrangement, flow etc if needed. I can do the mixing and the mastering.

This isn't only a onetime thing (even though it's for a ep right now) - I constantly need vocalists for tracks or feats, so if you're free to play and think it sounds somewhat interesting, please drop me a PM with a couple of tracks, and I can send a couple of snippets you can choose from.

Edit: So you can't PM in here ... just drop me your sc or yt link in here then if you're interested

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