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what are you listening to?

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Cheers mayne.

I bought it quite a while ago, forgot about it for a long time. Listened to it all today.

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whats your verdict on this? been listening to a few tracks online and so far im like... meh... :unsure: ...

i wanted to be like yay! but im more like :mellow: ...yeess?

big time flavour (spelled UK style wink)

1st 2 tracks KILL IT

then it goes off into nu soul - nothing wrong with that

1 track where he rhymes accapella for a long time then the beat comes in

what a dude, one of the best voices in rap period.

good cd to play in the background and vibe

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"The Renaissance" is a dope album! I'm in love with it, sucks that it seems to get hated on a fair amount, it's some quality material.

Right now I'm listening to an old ST podcast "Thank You Jay Dee, Act 1". Had trouble picking an album to listen to this morning, and you can never go wrong with tossing on one of the three "Thank You Jay Dee" episodes.

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the newest turtablelab radio mix.

oh i just saw the new mix, heavy on the ST


Illa J We Here - Inst.

Q-Tip Shaka

Leo's Sunshipp Give Me The Sunshine

Mayer Hawthorne Just Ain't Workin' Out

Gwen Guthrie Getting Hot

The Universal Robot Band Dance And Shake Your Tambourine

People Under The Stairs The Fun

Madlib J?s Day Theme #3 (Support)

Black Ivory Find The One Who Loves You

Ramsey Lewis And Earth, Wind & Fire Sun Goddess

Joe Bataan The Bottle

MFSB Picnic In The Park

??? Pistol

Funky Four Plus One More Rappin And Rocking The House

Margo's Kool Out Crew Death Rap

Misled Children Track 04

Frank Ski & Kenny B EA EA

Dukeyman Shorty You Fat

Dukeyman Roof About To Blow

Diplo Blow Your Head

The Complainers Bacon Rolls

Simian Mobile Disco Run

Jackmaster Hater Your Mind (Passion)

CSS Move - Cut Copy Remix

Icasoul Ongou

Bumrocks Untitled

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No Surprises	3:48	RadioHead	OK Computer	4
Distant Land	3:59	Madlib	Shades of Blue	4
Git Up, Git Out	7:27	OutKast	Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik	2
t. biggums feat. dudley perkins & georgia anne muldrow	4:06	Oh No	Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms	2
Sucka Nigga	4:05	A Tribe Called Quest	Midnight Marauders	5
Soul Music	2:29	Talib Kweli & Madlib	Liberation	2
Dynamite!	4:45	The Roots	Things Fall Apart	1
Reunion featuring J Dilla	4:05	Slum Village	Detroit Deli - A Taste Of Detroit	1
I Can't Help It (Feat. Malik B., Porn, Mercedes Martinez and Dice Raw)	4:40	The Roots	Rising Down	1
Clock With No Hands	4:25	The Roots	Game Theory	1
Verbal Intercourse (feat. Ghostface Killah & Nas)	3:32	Raekwon	Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ...	2
Come Get It	5:03	J Dilla	Welcome To Detroit	1
Aquemini	5:19	Outkast	Aquemini	1
Raw Heat (45 Version)	3:28	Percee P	Perseverance	1
Over The Counter	4:06	Talib Kweli & Madlib	Liberation	2
Arabic Gum	2:15	MF Doom	Metalfingers Presents: Special Herbs, The Box Set Vol. 0-9	1
Idioteque	5:09	Radiohead	Kid A	3
Keeping It Moving	3:39	A Tribe Called Quest	Beats, Rhymes & Life	1
Give up the goods (Just step)	4:02	Mobb Deep	The Infamous	1
I gave you power	3:53	Nas	It was written	1

new playlist

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justice. :)

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dam-funk mix on u-terns show

Wizzard - These Are The Eightys (Club Version) (1982 Wizsong)

The Keith Diamond Band - All Night Rocker (1981 Millennium)

Terry Burrus and Transe - Love Rockin' (1983 Arista)

Midnight Express - Danger Zone (1983 Tri Fire)

Cliff Dawson - I Can Love You Better (1982 Boardwalk)

Omni - Body Groove (Dub Mix) (1983 Mercury)

Gunter Phillips - 1-2-3- LUV (198? Stanpico)

Raymun - Do You Feel Like I Feel (1983 Clockwork)

Wickett - Can't Get Enough Of You (1983 Mr. T)

David Astri - Dancing Digits (Option "B") (1983 Award)

Airforce - Body Data (1983 AVI)

Kevin McCord - Never Say (1985 Presents)

Prince & The Revolution - 17 Days (1984 Warner Bros.)

The General - Life In The Big City (1983 Vee Kay)

Home Boy aka 'Cecil Lyde' - A Love Connection (1986 Al West)

Dãm-Funk - Burgundy City (2008 Stones Throw)

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