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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, here´s a mix I made in 2010 with all kinds of stuff in it. Have fun
  2. hi, i have some new music out which i wanted to share with you. these audio and visual are inspired by 45 rpms from the indian subcontinent that came out in the 60's. (98% of all the sounds are samples) i hope you enjoy. please share with your friends if you dig. thank you. made on the op1 and post production on ableton..
  3. godzilla

    Recent Finds Thread

    my last batch of purchased records. So much dopenuss!!!
  4. WesleyWayne303

    Number One Flexi 7 Promo

    Wondering if anyone might part w/ the "Number One" -Tuxedo Promo Flexi 7" out there? Have a Funk Boogie Banger of a mix I'm putting together that's 45 only that I'd really like to get the song in on... Have the LP, but need this 7 as it will be filmed- You'd be Number 1 w/ Me! Hollar☝🏼️
  5. jax green

    Article on sample dealer Gene Brown

    Thought you guys might like this one. I interviewed Gene Brown, a 42-year-old digger in North Carolina who sells samples to big-namers like Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Kanye and such:
  6. DavidisBaas

    Record stores London.

    I'm going to London soon and i'm looking for some dope record stores. Just some cheap vinyl. i'm looking for Hip Hop and i'm looking for records to sample, Soul records and shit. If anyone can recommend some stores that would be awesome. David
  7. Reebok Jones

    Donuts Vinyl is just right

    I bought a vinyl for Donuts at Rough Trade NYC yesterday. Got home today really excited to hear it and when I put it in I realized that it was playing pretty slow, and the pitch was down because of that. This has happened with my record player before where the speed/pitch goes slow every once in a while but I had just fixed it recently so it shouldn't have happened so soon. I was too lazy so I didn't really bother to go through the whole process of changing the speed and just kept the record playing. I realized though when I flipped the record to side B, it was a little hard to get the hole in the middle of the vinyl to fit into the little peg. I realized that that's why it's playing so slow - the hole is so small that it's causing friction while rotating and is just going slower. I tried speeding up the RPM like crazy to maybe increase the size of the hole but that only worked a little bit. I was wondering if anyone else who had Donuts on vinyl had this problem? This isn't the first problem I've had with the manufacturing of Stones throw vinyls, because I have the Madvillainy instrumentals vinyl too and when I got it I saw they tried to fit the two records of the instrumentals in one sleeve , which doesn't really fit well at all, and it ended up damaging the sleeve a little bit from trying to fit both record in one sleeve.
  8. Limited Vinyl Editon: The Purist feat. Roc Marciano, Action Bronson and Ty Nitty! Standard Edition: http://www.vinyl-dig...Feature-LP.html Deluxe Bundle: http://www.vinyl-dig...uxe-Bundle.html Limited Deluxe Bundle of 100 Copies Worldwide! Includes IAR 7" with long lost Roc Marciano Track & Purist Instumental + the Double Feature LP - hand-packed together in Deluxe swaged PVC sleeves! Only @
  9. jankcoolin


    B Ball Zombie War is an amazing album and I want to get people to ask if it could be pressed on vinyl
  10. Stones Throw, Please press your New Year's release, Jonti's "Sine and Moon", to vinyl. As you are kind enough to offer it for free download, it's hard to imagine people paying for it. But I sign myself up as certainly one of those. It's a wonderful album, and full of many gems.