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  1. resample methods. what's yours?

    I usually put a bunch of loops with the same essence on a bunch of pads then play them live. then use the "high mid low" but cut out certain ones and add dummie tracks. to be honest. I have no set way of doing it. I try many methods. but right now i'm stuck in loopin some drums first then layering. I link multiple gear up and use it as one. i know you guys have been wanting to know how I get down. so that's it....what's your guys' methods.
  2. Wanna get an sp 404sx, adv and dis

    whats up guys, I Have always wanted to get an sp 404sx so I can produce music portably and perform with it. thoughts? Is the 404sx a good choice if not what do you suggest? I checked the sp forums out and theres heaps of dope stuff up on there