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  1. Here’s the entire reason I mailed it out. I remake dancehall, Roots, and dub based reggae tracks into trance style dance music. I do this by slowing down 12” 45 rpm singles to 33 1/3rd rpm. I then bounce the vocals into the instrumental. Here’s another example. Essentially, I see reggae as the heartbeat of vinyl. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing this before, might be because it’s awful, might be because nobody’s thought of it. Either way I’m posting it here, mostly just cause, why not? I’d love to hear criticisms and general thoughts.
  2. idk how but somehow I ended up on a listserv for academic papers, and it seems like every week I get a crazy in depth research paper on the exact shyt I want to read. Samba microtiming, Reggae in Japan. Open your minds, brehs