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Found 3 results

  1. godzilla

    Recent Finds Thread

    my last batch of purchased records. So much dopenuss!!!
  2. Dirty Cyclist


    I got some choice records from Japan and they sat in San Francisco for a couple of weeks. I assume they were stuck in customs. When I received them, they had started to mold. I have purchased a lot of records from this seller and his records are always top notch, so I assume the warehouse where they sat was damp. The mold is not real bad, but some of the records show spots of mold and they smell. I let them air out, but I wanted to ask the board what they would do. Any luck removing spots? Has anyone contaminated their record collection by bringing records like this into their house? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  3. don't kill me if there are 423 threads talking about the very same thing, i didn't find anything related here so i set up a new one. i find it interesting with what kinds of music people used to grow up, i think quite about everybody had his or her special LP/EP/CD/tape that really influenced him or her in a considerable way. so start you brains and go back in time and tell me what really formed your taste in music or, if you are producing yourself, even your style. i'll start off with the most important records from my dad, to which i started listening to when i was about 10 years old (and i am still listening to) 1. Mike Oldfield - QE2 & Tubular Bells (LP's, still like QE2 better, it's magical) 2. Deep Purple - Deepest Purple (LP, first thing my brother and i used to put on when my parents went on vacation or somewhere out, we did it every single time) 3. Damaris Joy - With Compliments (LP, 1984 german gospel rock: " damn that was hardcore haha)4. Poverello - Poverello (mid-80s, a rather poorly recorded tape, two uncles of mine played the guitars) come on guys, what's on your list?