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Found 3 results

  1. MicESanzMusic

    Favorite Vocal Microphone?

    What is everybody's favorite vocal microphone? I just yesterday sampled my friends microphone called the Soyuz Su 017. It's from this new Russian company and it was amazing. I personally own an AT 4040 and it fits my voice nicely. Just curious to see what microphones people use on this forum and would love to hear some cool stories.
  2. Dirtforsale

    How do you record your drums?

    So, what's your trick? And what is your fav drum / snare / kick sounds?
  3. 1stN3rd

    Cassette Tapes

    So, I found an old Technics RS-B57R. It looks pretty sexy, and of course technics is a well-regarded company. Thing is, one of the arms doesn't rotate, and a little research tells me that usually many internal components need to be replaced on these units from the '80s – anything from the belt, to the motor, etc. So, fixing it would not be cheap or easy. I have wanted to switch to analog for a long time. My earliest recordings I made on a tape recorder, and I still remember the feeling of how that sounded, even though I switched to a computer quickly after. I'm real sick of listening to nasty digital distortion though. So my question is, is it worth it to get this thing repaired? I'm thinking I would use it for anything from bouncing beats out to it for final mastering, to taking samples off cassette, to using it to treat could be invaluable, assuming that it's not gonna sound like some nasty muffled shit. Anyone here have experience with cassette tapes, or a cassette machine of this caliber?