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Found 4 results

  1. MicESanzMusic

    Favorite Vocal Microphone?

    What is everybody's favorite vocal microphone? I just yesterday sampled my friends microphone called the Soyuz Su 017. It's from this new Russian company and it was amazing. I personally own an AT 4040 and it fits my voice nicely. Just curious to see what microphones people use on this forum and would love to hear some cool stories.
  2. Hi, I let you read this before telling you why I'm here. I came with this idea on the MPC Forums (here is the topic) and few others communities. Besides a lot of ideas and optimism, they told me to check here if I wanted to reach some MCs. So, tell me what you think about it. In good or bad, and why. Even if it doesn't interest you and you're reading this, tell me why. Thanks. UPDATE (10/13/13) -------------- see the current project state and updates on my blog! peace.
  3. Tastik BEATS

    Numark Pt 01

    Is it good, Like for sampling. cause I think it would be sick to go along with an sp404sx so I can do stuff on the fly Hows the quality? I hear it has a preamp built in which is dope
  4. Tastik BEATS

    Good music from the 00's (catch me up)

    So I went through some massive wu tang, dilla, nas, nujabes, big l... etc. phase and ignored pretty much everything that came out in the 00's. still listen to that stuff tho Iam only just getting into newer stuff like shlohmo, clams casino, kendrick Lamar, samiyam, pro era etc... However I know Iam only just scraping the surface. I want to get into some more stuff. If you could suggest some good albums, artists, groups, songs, genres and sub genres that would be great Cheers