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Found 36 results

  1. Granny David

    Free Hip Hop
  2. Download/Stream: Shvdy presentes "High Discussions" a 3 Track tape. I would love to see some feedback if it's possible. Enjoy πŸ€™πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·
  3. Granny David

    Project Collaborations

    I am looking to create projects with my 15 years worth of unfinished work, drafts and ideas. I have an archive of unheard work just waiting to be taken to the next step. Please get in touch if you're interested in collaborating ideas, or if in need of any instrumentals. Cheers! Here's a link to one of my styles which is just remixes of classic hip hop tracks
  4. SmileyRaw

    My newest song hope you feel it

  5. Oldmanwilli


    lemme know what y'all think u guys
  6. norieaster

    albums you've bought more than once

    You know those albums that you love so much that you either have multiple copies or bought again cause you lost one or it got broken. I was thinkin how in my apt i have 4 copies of Illmatic. 2 cds, a cassette and vinyl. All those great reissues Get On Down have been putting out also doesn't help. I also have Roc Marciano Marcberg on vinyl, cd and since Fat Beats is putting out a cassette, I swiftly copped that. Any albums that y'all love so much that you keep on buying it over and over?
  7. Oldmanwilli

    FORZA 5 Hey guys, I'm ending the year right :). I tried to make this song as good as i could make it, so i hope you all enjoy it. This is the last song of the year for me, but expect a lot of new thing to come 2018. Hope you have a happy holiday today. This is Roland signing off. :aliveparrot:
  8. Oldmanwilli

    TRASH, a song about how trash i am

    just a lil diddy
  9. Oldmanwilli


  10. miller6ix


    MobbDeep remix
  11. Oldmanwilli


    yo dudes, piss out now peep it
  12. Oldmanwilli


    tell me what you think lovers
  13. Oldmanwilli


  14. Oldmanwilli

    FORZA 4 πŸš—

  15. hey dudes, i just got back from my hiatus and released a brand new songoli ravioli. tell me what you think my dudes, i think i starting to get better.
  16. Krism

    Snakes out now! Check that out and if you liked it feel free to support me by following, liking or reposting the track!
  17. I've been working hella hard people. I'm coming in with heat this summer, summer 17 my season. tell me what you think of my stuff peeps.
  18. Shawan

    Velvet Vibes 4 the Soul

  19. Shawan

    Velvet Vibes 4 the Soul

  20. Shawan

    Velvet Vibes 4 the Soul

  21. Nebjan

    Ambient Spacy Beat - Interspace

    Yoo ! I'm kinda new here so hello ! I make beats on Logic Pro X and the latest one is here : So my youtube channel is here : And my Soundcloud account is here : Tell me what tyou think !
  22. DK - Lost In The Sauce DK - Before I Lose You DK - Before I Go Back Inside These are my first couple of releases! I just started recording, and I was looking for any feedback regarding how I can improve. I mostly focus on storytelling as I recall lessons I've learned since the brain surgery I had five years ago and the coma that followed immediately afterwards. Returning any feedback! Enjoy
  23. lo. L e a f

    S A N D [Beat Tape]

    Hey guys! My name is lo. L e a f Im 20 years old, going to college, and I have to admit; I make some pretty wicked beats. I recently released a beat tape called S A N D [BEAT TAPE] on my soundcloud: *It has 5 beats that features some pretty heavy sampling of course all done on my Roland SP 808. *All mixing/mastering was done in the sampler to give it that dirty feel. *My techniques are inspired by all time greatest producers: MF DOOM, J DILLA, MADLIB, QUESTLOVE, PETE ROCK, and the list goes on forever. My goal is to be part of a small hiphop label group and continue my passion of producing good boombap for the lovers of hiphop/rap. Hopefully, that happens one day. There's a new EP coming pretty soon that will better off this project. It will feature a local MC on the mic spitting hot flames/Me on the loops. Be Prepared! *If you enjoyed the tape you can shoot me an email: *I'm also up for collabing with anyone and please feel free to contact me for any questions.