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Found 9 results

  1. The Official Oh No Thread

    Post here all the Oh No news and music releases
  2. NugLife Productions (Demo)

    Starting to the get the ball rolling for summer 2017...... Let me know how I can improve in any way
  3. Hot Sugar

    Has anyone heard of Hot Sugar? I'll post some of his songs below. He has a documentary on Netflix called "Hot Sugar's Cold World". He's one of my favorite producers. His whole thing is he records random real world stuff, like people breathing or fireworks going off and he works them into his beats. I've known about him for a while but it wasn't until recently I noticed hes not as well known as I thought he was. Anybody here listen to him?
  4. Sev Seveer "Constant Elevation: Odessa Star"

    One of Chicago's best kept secrets, Sev Seveer, takes you on 30 minute beat narrative through the mind of a 91 year old woman floating through space with dementia. The level of talent displayed on this project shouldn't be slept on STMB.
  5. #ProfessU's Dr. Hamilton interviews #GrammyAward winning #Bink! at #Soundsations record store in Westchester, Los Angeles.....#HipHop->
  6. Someone give me an alias

    Basically I cant think of anything and Tastik is a crap name in my opinion. I have been trying to find a good name for at least 3 years now, nothing sounds good tho Some info name: tom cheel type of music: ambient, chillwave, phonk, cloud rap Thanks lol (I know this was a topic, but It didnt help me)
  7. London producer The Purist delivers the third video from his TR-ILL EP, this time enlisting Danny Brown for vocals. Previously, the English artist has created cinematic, often Blaxploitation-infused soundscapes for Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, and Maffew Ragazino. He's also helped to develop MCs on his own side of the pond in the form of Piff Gang and Buggsy.
  8. my first BEAT TAPE -> "The Latest Finds Of The Attic" Listen-> Download-> http://www.grizzmine...+attic-498.html Big up stones throw community! -- FP+