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Found 28 results

  1. Granny David

    Free Hip Hop
  2. SmileyRaw

    My newest song hope you feel it

  3. Oldmanwilli


    lemme know what y'all think u guys
  4. ras dude


    What's cracking STMB?! I just released some tunes over HERE OR It's absolutely free on my website! PEACE! Jah Bless
  5. ras dude


    What's cracking STMB?! I just released some tunes over HERE OR It's absolutely free on my website! PEACE! Jah Bless
  6. DK - Lost In The Sauce DK - Before I Lose You DK - Before I Go Back Inside These are my first couple of releases! I just started recording, and I was looking for any feedback regarding how I can improve. I mostly focus on storytelling as I recall lessons I've learned since the brain surgery I had five years ago and the coma that followed immediately afterwards. Returning any feedback! Enjoy
  7. GRAND

    NEW BEAT!!!

  8. GRAND

    NEW BEAT!!! take a Listen

    Please give Feedback
  9. GRAND

    NEW BEAT!!! take a Listen

    Please give feedback!
  10. GRAND

    PLEASE LISTEN TO NEW BEAT TAPE open to any FEEDBACK on my work
  11. GRAND

    PLEASE LISTEN TO NEW BEAT TAPE opwn to any FEEDBACK on my work
  12. Unseen Era

    Madlib Medicine Show

    Hello everyone, I'm uncertain if there is already a post discussing the Madlib Medicine Show series, but if not, here's one. Madlib is my all-time favorite music producer, and the reasoning behind it is because he is diverse in his production which is perfectly showcased in the Medicine Shows. He can produce amazing tracks ranging from reggae to jazz to hip-hop all the while making it his own. What genre hasn't Madlib been able to sample?! I own the complete Madlib Medicine Show on vinyl and CD; I own a lot of Maldib's work, but this thread will concentrate on the Madlib Medicine Show. I'm really interested in seeing what others thoughts on the series are, so for those who wish to partake in the thread, I propose these questions: 1: What's your favorite album from the series and favorite track from the album? Why? 2: What's your least favorite album from the series and least favorite track from the album? Why? 3: What's your favorite and least favorite track from the whole series? Why? 4: Which is the first album from the series you purchased? 5: Which album would you recommend to a friend to get them to listen to the series? 6: Which album would you not recommend to a friend? 7: What are your final thoughts on the series? These are my answers to the questions: 1: My favorite album is Madlib Medicine Show, No. 10: Black Soul, and my favorite track is "The Induction of Hypnosis". I love R&B, Soul, and Funk, and this album combines them all together amazingly. 2: My least favorite is Madlib Medicine Show, No. 1: Before the Verdict, and my least favorite track is "My Moment (Alt. Version)". The intro for each of the tracks prolong making it a pain to wait for the core track to begin. 3:My favorite track from the whole series is "Ma Dukes" from Madlib Medicine Show, No. 12: Raw Medicine because it is heartfelt and the beat is soothing (makes me appreciate my mother and grandmother). My least favorite track is "The Sun God" from Madlib Medicine Show, No. 13: Black Tape because I find the track lackluster. 4: The first album I purchased from the series was Madlib Medicine Show, No. 12 & 13: Filthy Ass Remixes. I honestly thought it came with both full albums, but I was wrong:though, it picked out the best tracks from each and compiled them together. 5: I'd recommend Madlib Medicine Show, No. 2: Flight to Brazil to a friend as it's soothing, yet showcases Madlib's skills. 6: I wouldn't recommend Madlib Medicine Show, No. 6: The Brain Wreak Show due in part of how abstract it sounds. I personally love the album because of how creatively abstract it is. It's not safe for work that's for sure, I recall playing the album at work and my manager was concerned for me asking if I was alright in the head, haha. He wasn't too keen on the babies crying, women screaming, and cartoon vocals. I never played the album at work since then, but I'll play it before I go to bed. 7: Overall, I love the series. There is something unique about each album that makes them their own, and there are an assortment of tracks from each album I constantly play on repeat. The Madlib Medicine Show is a must listen to anyone who considers themselves a Madlib fan. Is there anything else y'all want to discuss? Top 10's, stories, complaints, searching for samples used, etc. Please, do feel free to write your thoughts down on this thread concerning anything about the Madlib Medicine Show. Also, does anyone own any of the special triple vinyl sets? If any of you do, could you please upload a photo of them: I'd love to see them!
  13. Had a broken discussion about this the other day, never got the hear everyone's opinion. What albums, EP's or even extensive songs would you like see in the form a nice lengthy film? Post some links to songs on youtube or something so we can get an idea. Concepts would be a plus too, Me personally, Exmilitary, fuck that would be an intense flick...Imagine a mind like Lynch behind it too.
  14. Bertie307

    LA heads...?

    Hey. One of my UK friends is heading to Los Angeles this weekend and i said u gotta head to Low End on Wednesday, but where else is good for music? When i was there in 2014, Jrocc was doing a thing in venice speakeasy but i dunno if thats still runnning?They're into that stones throw vibe hiphop, rare groove and general funky shit. Also record store tips most welcome thx in advance - i really hope to get back over there in the near future !
  15. ChildOfTheFunk


    Songlist: 01. Blow 02. Child Of The Funk 03. New Year interlude 04. Quantum Leap 05. The Promo 06. March! 07. Griss Shuffle Beat 08. BeatMaker's Dilemma 09. Euphoria (I Could Fly) 10. The Calling 11. Buggin' Bobby 12. The Setup 13. Feel It break 14. Stash 15. Talk About Jesus 16. Heaven 17. Damn! 18. Snow Funk 19. The Circle Game
  16. lightingpill

    Obsessed with Afrofuturism

    It's safe to say that these days, I have been hella obsessed with Afrofuturism as of late. I want to know if anyone else is as well. Since a review says that my music has dipped in that pie, I decided to do some research on it, and found artists like Sun Ra, Spoek Mathambo, King Britt, the unstoppable Flying Lotus and the legend - wait for it! - dary Jonzun Crew, which came from Boston fucking Massachusetts! Seriously, I heard their album Lost in Space, and was hooked since! Yes, I know. This is old and artists like Afrika Bambaataa had been at it for a while as well, but I still prefer this for it's commitment to how otherworldly it probably was back then. To this day, all I want to listen to is anything that takes hip-hop, electronica, New Wave, Synthpop or Synthpunk or any kind of music to a newer level than the last. I've also been interested in the paintings and drawings of afro/futurist artists as well. Seeing as how I'm a huge music fan, I'm wondering if you have any more artists of such an ilk that I can check out (besides just Janelle Monae)? Some are probably on Stones Throw as we speak. Anyway, discuss? :-)
  17. lightingpill

    Relationships and Music

    So, I was reading an article a year ago on the blog of a porn site, and it was talking about how entrepreneurs, musicians, hard workers are least likely to have true relationships because relationships and whatever you wish to do for a career requires nearly equal amount of attention. Ladies want all your love, care and attention, but we have to save some of that for making music, performing, keeping our eye on the money coming in, all of that. Two things: I'm thinking this is why rappers talk heavily about how much women they have because they have no time for love. Also, I may be going through that myself. My girl knows that I have been making music, finding performing gigs, practicing, and plenty of stuff that requires plenty of solitude. Not to mention, my applying for jobs. While she supports me going after my dreams, it makes her a bit sad because it means I won't be spending as much time with her. It's a catch-22 situation. I just want to rap about this, and see how people handle it and what they think about this situation.
  18. lightingpill

    Whoa! Next Month is Black Music Month?

    So, I was watching TVOne yesterday morning, only to find out that June is not just the beginning month of the summer, but Black Music Month. This got me thinking about how I have always wanted to do a concept (there's that word again) cover album, which I was going to save for Black History Month next year. (By the way, I decided to take on humanbeyondrepair Vol. 2 and Cincuenta as my personal album ideas.) Anyway, when creating an album about black music, most dudes think about covering music from the old times from Sugarhill Gang to Otis Redding to Marvin Gaye, and all that. What I'm tripping on is...why don't we celebrate the great music we have right now? Why look back far when we can look towards the future with today's music? I was thinking of making an album covering artists that don't always get the amount of eyes that they deserve for their contribution to music, like Dam-Funk to Quasimoto to Lab Waste (Subtitle x Thavius Beck) to Busdriver to Kimya Dawson. I want to cover songs by artists. I already started my cover of J. Dilla's "Nothing Like This" last year. This is an easier album to create because it isn't like I'm going to be covering this live at any chance. Anybody else celebrating this at some point? Also, who do you think I should cover on this? (No Kendrick Lamar. Heh!)
  19. phaseillfigure

    show love on here !!

  20. lightingpill

    Any Keyboard Geeks Here?

    If I were to pick an instrument to play, I gravitate hard to the keyboard/piano or anything reminiscent. Second to that would be anything pluckable with strings. I used to play guitar, but in time, I grew increasingly bored and uninspired to keep playing it again. I've heard one too many derivative guitar bands and sounds (especially for acoustic guitar). Anywho, it seems like the kind of music I enjoy seems to be one with plenty of keyboards. I love electronic music, new wave, synth pop (when it isn't derivative of the works many have taken on under this genre) and synthpunk. Stones Throw got me into Jazz through the heavy keys of Yesterday's New Quintet (I've been listening to artists like DJ Harrison and bands like Gogo Penguin ever since. I also love Sa-Ra and some neo-soul (again, when artists of the genre aren't derivative of other singers and musicians). In fact, I'm a supportive listener of some of Stones Throw's musicians from James Pants to Dam-Funk to Pyramid Vritra because of how they inspire me to better my ability to play and write songs. Stones Throw has a LOT of on-rap artists on that employ keyboards, except maybe soul singers like Myron and E, Aloe Blacc and outlier artists and bands such as The Lions and, occasionally, The Stepkids. The reason why I love a keyboard is due to the diversity in sounds like each keyboard implies. From piano to strings to synth to playful/random soundbites. A keyboard encourages me to be more adventurous, and perhaps, even more experimental with my songwriting and music production. I have two keyboards (and a rollout piano) that I write songs with and am wondering if I should one day take up fixing keyboards for a living. Is anyone else here a total keyboard/piano/synth/keytar geek like me?
  21. Tastik BEATS

    CRATES resources (Google Drive) OFFICIAL

    Crates on Google Drive Contribute to the Google drive by uploading any drums, samples, accapellas, Vst's etc if you have resources you dont mind sharing that would be great, also things you may have downloaded or want to share. Ill try to keep a archive of the beat battles samples UPLOAD YOUR SOUNDS IN A FOLDER WITH YOUR NAME (to avoid confusion) Rules: Dont delete other peoples files Dont upload irrelevant files Upload the files relevant to the folder you want to share it in, label it with your name. for example drums > Tastik > snares + Kicks Broking please put your accapella's up
  22. iammzac

    New hip-hop site for release dates Features a nice release date calendar. All release dates/albums are user submitted like a post. Submissions are reviewed and other users may make changes and edit albums like a Wikipedia article to add latest information like tracklist, album art, etc. when they come out. You earn points called skrilla for posting which will be used for future giveaways and more. Check it out and let me know if you like it!
  23. real§eye


    I love sharing music with people and getting the chance to listen to things you may never have had the chance too... heres a few mixtapes/e.p's I'm loving at the moment, give em a go and share some more x peaceee Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe ‎| Kidsuke EP: Bambooman | Dulcet Vince Staples | Stolen Youth Macintosh Plus | Floral Shoppe
  24. Tastik BEATS

    SNARES ?!

    were can I get those really fat snares used in boom bap ?? cant seem to get it, mine sound to snappy any production techniques, sound packs, genres to sample breaks from etc.. ?
  25. Tastik BEATS

    Good music from the 00's (catch me up)

    So I went through some massive wu tang, dilla, nas, nujabes, big l... etc. phase and ignored pretty much everything that came out in the 00's. still listen to that stuff tho Iam only just getting into newer stuff like shlohmo, clams casino, kendrick Lamar, samiyam, pro era etc... However I know Iam only just scraping the surface. I want to get into some more stuff. If you could suggest some good albums, artists, groups, songs, genres and sub genres that would be great Cheers