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Found 6 results

  1. ras dude

    What's good to watch these days

    Any shows/flicks worth downloading? I'm almost finished with the Sopranos and the Man Show, and Boardwalk Empire is over. Stony documentary suggestions welcome. [ youtube ] [ / youtube ]
  2. Had a broken discussion about this the other day, never got the hear everyone's opinion. What albums, EP's or even extensive songs would you like see in the form a nice lengthy film? Post some links to songs on youtube or something so we can get an idea. Concepts would be a plus too, Me personally, Exmilitary, fuck that would be an intense flick...Imagine a mind like Lynch behind it too.
  3. DJ Projexion

    Out Of The Furnace

    Highly recommended, this one gets the Projexion stamp of approval. Gritty, raw, and depressing as hell. Bale is in top form, Harrelson hasn't been this menacing since NBK, and Affleck the Younger (who I normally don't care for) also gives a solid performance. It's hillbilly justice complete with bare knuckle pit fighting, drive-in beatdowns, and Forrest Whittaker!
  4. DJ Projexion

    Only God Forgives

    New movie from the director of Drive, Valhalla Rising, & Bronson. Watch the trailer....shit gave me goose bumps. In theaters July 19th.
  5. DJ Projexion

    Best Movies of 2012

    Great year for sci-fi/fantasy fans, still a ton of movies I have yet to see so let me know what I missed out on... Here's my top ten of the year: 1. Django Unchained 2. The Dark Knight Rises 3. Cloud Atlas 4. Life Of Pi 5. Flight 6. Prometheus 7. Lawless 8. Looper 9. Ted 10. Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap
  6. DJ Projexion

    RIP Tony Scott

    Dude committed suicide yesterday jumping off the Vincent Thomas bridge in San Pedro, CA. A great director responsible for such classics as Top Gun, Days Of Thunder, The Last Boy Scout, True Romance, he will be missed.... RIP