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Found 5 results

  1. MicESanzMusic

    Favorite Vocal Microphone?

    What is everybody's favorite vocal microphone? I just yesterday sampled my friends microphone called the Soyuz Su 017. It's from this new Russian company and it was amazing. I personally own an AT 4040 and it fits my voice nicely. Just curious to see what microphones people use on this forum and would love to hear some cool stories.
  2. Besides the dope beats that come along every weak i also hear people who can mix like a boss. I cannot mix like a boss so i was hoping some of you could check a track of mine and listen for some obvious problems you can hear. Especially volume wise i come short. Almost every track posted in the STBB soundcloud is louder. Now i know loudness isnt the best thing but lets say you're in a live beatbattle, other guy plays a beat with good volume and i play it and you wonder if thats a perc or a grasshopper doing their thing. It doesn't work and you probaly wont get the crowd with you. Hopefully someone can give me some tips. thanks!
  3. Ok, here's yet another topic devoted to trying to uncover the secrets of Madlib/Dilla. Yeah I know this shit gets old, but still... One thing I noticed with Madlib and Dilla's flips, others as well, but these two seem to have a special finesse, is how fucking CRISPY the samples sound. Like on those In the Rain beats by Madlib, when the little vibraphone or whatever it is strikes it's so dynamic, like you can hear every little hiss and pop and crack in the sound. To me, it almost sounds like it's clipping, the way the audio is so HOT, but I doubt if it is, because then the music would sound all squashed and compressed, which it definitely does not. Check also the guitar in "History" by Dilla. Now, I've sampled straight off wax into an SP (not a 1200, so maybe that's it), but I can't get my sounds to be anywhere NEAR as crispy. I imagine this is a combination of the sampler he's using, plus the record player, plus recording levels, and probably a fair contribution from the final mastering that takes place, but still it doesn't add up, because I can still count on one hand the number of producers whose shit sounds crispy like that (Dilla, 'Lib, Pete Rock, and...?). Dilla, 'History' (instrumental): So, anyone care to take a stab at explaining this?
  4. EdTheYounger

    Do you always layer?

    Just a curious question... I was making a beat tonight and the sample I had chosen to work with was pretty complex. It had piano, guitar and some horns all in one. After I chopped it up, rearranged it on the pads laid some bass, drums, eq and Fx it sounded pretty dam nice (as a 1-2 demo minute beat) but then I had the thought that I NEEDED to layer something else in there otherwise I would be cheating lol. Maybe because it only took me like 45 minutes... Anyone ever feel like this? or finish beats without adding anything but drums and bass?
  5. jax green

    Does Stones Throw mix their stuff?

    This may seem like a silly question, but I wonder: Do releases like Madvillain and Further Adventures get mixed before they're released? I'm not talking about Madlib turning up volume levels on his analog machines, either—I mean legitimately mixed by an engineer. ST, maybe more so than any other label out right now, truly embraces the lo-fi, sizzled sound, so I'm just wondering. Maybe mixing is too polished?