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Found 19 results

  1. emptyboy


    Hi y'all!! I'm new here and I don't know how to join beat battles (if it's even possible), so I thought I'd share my stuff with anyone who might be interested have a nice day
  2. Download/Stream: Shvdy presentes "High Discussions" a 3 Track tape. I would love to see some feedback if it's possible. Enjoy 🤙🇬🇷
  3. b.mac

    Lofi Season Part 2 "Summer"

    Part 2 of the 4 part song series. Hope y'all dig.
  4. The Count

    New Track // MC-307 + SP-808

  5. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  6. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  7. Hi. _____ "soul. beattape vol. 1" : soul samples, oldschool vibe, inspired by Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder, Apollo Brown and Knxwledge. _____ "dust. beattape vol. 2" : synth/space/vhs/tape samples, dirty sound, inspired by '80/'90 technology : cassette and VHS tapes and birth of various kinds keyboards and samplers. _____ Also can be heard on We Love Beats Dillacious compilation (Polish tribute to J Dilla, strictly limited release) All other, uncategorized beats and Pinata vs Rock Konducta mashup can be found on my Soundcloud Much love, peace.
  8. b.mac

    One take music vid

    lmk what you think
  9. illestniggainnebraska

    new microwave beat

    some feedback would be cool peace out
  10. SKEW(Mango Sounds)

    Skew: Live to Tape 2$ for 11 beats you can check it on sound cloud too: This track is a compilation of raw beats played live. The beats where made with a sp 404 sx, samples are irresponsibly sourced with a needle or an iphone and all is played live while being recorded on an old Onkyo cassette deck. Burn one and enjoy. (feedback encouraged and welcome) Track List: Vladi Raps (calores y dolores remix) Escupo Fuego Pietri (flow pa tiempos de crisis) Boranda 2b@rL00p Omar drops knowledge (el pueblo antes que la deuda) Kung Fu Flix Raw(Crudo) Vincreible (yes yes y'all) Aaaa@@@@hhh it aint hard to tell (spark the philly)
  11. eelxb

    new bump

  12. enjoy da vibes, beats, n good ass weather
  13. I've recently picked up an SP 404... and this little guy is amazing. So much fun to make beats with! I have been working on this 20 minute mix for about 6 months now and it's been put thru the ringer on the 404 now. Please check it out when you have some time with headphones, or for a long drive... it has about 25 different beats, intermeshed together with vox, acapellas, sound scapes, with themes of dreams, death, all with down right dusty vinyl and cracklin snapping loops. If anyone else is down with the lofi movement lets make moves!