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  1. hi, i have some new music out which i wanted to share with you. these audio and visual are inspired by 45 rpms from the indian subcontinent that came out in the 60's. (98% of all the sounds are samples) i hope you enjoy. please share with your friends if you dig. thank you. made on the op1 and post production on ableton..

  3. TRASH, a song about how trash i am

    just a lil diddy
  4. I'm not sure if these things matter to us and it's ultimately the concerns of the artist, but I stumbled across this page on Bandcamp recently. Hxrus copies Knxwledge's album formats, tumblr, vimeo, and seems to directly steal some tracks after adding his own 'twists' to them. I think it's in poor taste to so copy someone in this way. Any Knxwledge listeners, or other artists have any thoughts on this phenomenon? Am I wrong to be annoyed by this guys profile if he's not really a significant competitor to Knx? Lastly would you guys believe what he's doing is considered stealing?