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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not sure if these things matter to us and it's ultimately the concerns of the artist, but I stumbled across this page on Bandcamp recently. Hxrus copies Knxwledge's album formats, tumblr, vimeo, and seems to directly steal some tracks after adding his own 'twists' to them. I think it's in poor taste to so copy someone in this way. Any Knxwledge listeners, or other artists have any thoughts on this phenomenon? Am I wrong to be annoyed by this guys profile if he's not really a significant competitor to Knx? Lastly would you guys believe what he's doing is considered stealing?
  2. Joe Cavaliere

    Leaving Records x Stones Throw: Dual Form

    All you folks need to nab this. This tape has got some of the most organic, refreshing music that I've heard in a while. DONT SLEEP ON THIS The Dual Form cassette has an incredible variety of music, from experimental beats to gorgeous electronic pieces that borderline on pop. Just about every song is beautiful and brilliant, striking a careful balance of melody and rhythm that many artists miss. Particularly, I can't stop playing SADNIS by KNX., or PURPLE HAY by the TRANCE FARMERS or the tracks by Odd Nosdom, Ssalvia, and Dream Love. This is sounding like a fucking infomercial... BUT IM SERIOUS!! COP THIS TAPE