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  1. NEW TAPE. Thanks for listening, as always. Any feedback -- positive or negative -- much appreciated.
  2. Yo guys what's up. With the news that Soundcloud might be going under, I took the time to go through all 179 out of 180 minutes of my filled up soundcloud account to cull the best beats for a few tapes for posterity's sake. The overwhelming majority came from old Stones Throw Message Board Beat Battles, and so I felt obligated to share them with you guys. All that being said, I proudly present 'Selected Soundcloud Beats vol 1. & 2'
  3. New here let me know what yall think!
  4. Check this out
  5. Starting to the get the ball rolling for summer 2017...... Let me know how I can improve in any way
  6. So... What do you think about it? How good is it? Is it like the best almost non-heard beat tape of the world or is it the worst?
  7. So... What do you think about it? How good is it? Is it like the best almost non-heard beat tape of the world or is it the worst?
  8. I'm just a kid from Houston! In Celebrations to J DIlla! Enjoy!! Check out
  9. Hey guys! My name is lo. L e a f Im 20 years old, going to college, and I have to admit; I make some pretty wicked beats. I recently released a beat tape called S A N D [BEAT TAPE] on my soundcloud: *It has 5 beats that features some pretty heavy sampling of course all done on my Roland SP 808. *All mixing/mastering was done in the sampler to give it that dirty feel. *My techniques are inspired by all time greatest producers: MF DOOM, J DILLA, MADLIB, QUESTLOVE, PETE ROCK, and the list goes on forever. My goal is to be part of a small hiphop label group and continue my passion of producing good boombap for the lovers of hiphop/rap. Hopefully, that happens one day. There's a new EP coming pretty soon that will better off this project. It will feature a local MC on the mic spitting hot flames/Me on the loops. Be Prepared! *If you enjoyed the tape you can shoot me an email: *I'm also up for collabing with anyone and please feel free to contact me for any questions.
  10. This gone be where i post stuff now.
  11. Tracklist: 1. eyes open (Prod. Wanderer) 2. when it rains (Prod. Wanderer) 3. pacific (Prod. Wanderer) 4. loading.... (Prod. Wanderer) 5. warpzone (Prod. Wanderer) 6. valhalla (Prod. Wanderer) 7. wndr theme (Prod. Wanderer) Thanks to anyone who's checked out my stuff!
  12. Hello everyone on STMB my name is Charles Bowers, as a podcaster and a music producer I go by Mr.B. In 2014, I started a record label called Golden Era Music Group, with a mission to give those who are talented a platform, we've hosted a mixtape, showcases, podcasts and we look to do more in the near future. So two months ago a project that I've been putting together for over a year finally came into fruition a hip hop instrumental series called "Crates" tapping producers from around the world for an eclectic soundscape for an MC or for the avid listener. August 30th I released the second installment of Crates and on Thanksgiving I will be releasing the final volume of 2016 which will feature 25 to 30 beats and we are still recruiting for that installment and the deadline is on November 1st (might be extended to the 15th) you can submit beats at my email at . Here is Crates Vol.2, give me your honest opinion and if you like it please share it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. new beat tape out plus new beats every friday! enjoy!
  14. Would love some feedback on these beats. Pretty new to making hip hop beats. Mostly compose for film and tv commercials and play psych rock in a band called Avers. Frankie is all original, no samples...flipped a guitar thing i played for another track. Johnnie is a vocal sample from a dinma pack. Cheers, JL
  15. love..
  16. Hey STMB Peeps, who's in for a futuristic ride today? I just released my first Album on Band Camp. It's a smooth blend of 80s style Arpeggios spiced up with dope Drum Programming, tasteful Synth Leads and lovely lush Pads creates a powerful and uplifting musical backdrop for nighttime cruises in urban areas. And also: it turns your bucket into a Lambo – works with bicycles, too! In other words: "It's a trip back to the future past". Ya dig? Listen, enjoy and cop it, if you like it… PEACE PS: I've hidden some beat bangers on there as well
  17. Some of the beats I made, it would be nice if you could tell me what you think about them.
  18. Whats Goin on....I recently Put together a Small collection of tracks I worked on recently...Check it or Download if you Like...Enjoy!
  19. Whats Goin on....I recently Put together a Small collection of tracks I worked on recently...Check it or Download if you Like...Enjoy!
  20. This is my first beat tape to be released on bandcamp.. listen, download, leave some feedback.. its all love Peace!
  21. ive been trying to collab with someone but i thnk im the only one is SC who produces so im trying my luck on this here forum. Im heavily inspired by knx and dilla so thatll give you a clue as to what im looking for if you want to shoot some loops, samples or even verses back and forth pm me. peace
  22. Whats going on world?? I'm new to the forum but thought I'd share a little of the work that I have posted. Feedback is welcomed!
  23. Please give me feedback on my new bump, Interstellar 919! hit up my soundcloud if you want to hear other beats as well!
  24. just started some bits, looking for feedback, collabs and the love!! respect guys