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Found 1 result

  1. l o k a l

    blatant self-promo

    ⁄§⁄ I wanna hear what you've been making! Life is hectic and we don't have the time to share and keep up with the social media bs. I wanna hear your track and give it a good listen. If I love it, I'll promote it! Be sure to include some notes about the track; what inspired you, what you used to build the track (samples, synths, drums, w/e), or even how long it took you to make it! To get things started, here's me notes: Been under a lot of stress with some things in my life, mostly family. It's crazy when life happens, and how those that raised us pass forward and we inherit new purpose. This track came together quickly (about 5 hours) after meditating on the love I've learned from my family, both old and new. This track is because of the love of my family, for the love of my family. Call those that raised you, and raise them up. <3 thanks If you have any questions based on how the track was produced, aka what gear/techniques I used, HIT ME UP! I'm easy going and love to share the process. peaceful light to you and yours <3 ⁄§⁄