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Found 15 results

  1. bamajoe

    DJ Harrison Y'all hip to this cat? I learn about him from Count Bass D. He's incredible.
  2. jax green

    'Heaven' feat. Sol

    Sampled a Jackie Chan soul record from the 60s and got my old friend Sol to jump on it. Works as a lo-fi loosie. Would love for y'all to check it out.
  3. Shawan

    Past Life StarDxg ft. Shawan

  4. Shawan

    Velvet Vibes 4 the Soul

  5. ChildOfTheFunk


    Songlist: 01. Blow 02. Child Of The Funk 03. New Year interlude 04. Quantum Leap 05. The Promo 06. March! 07. Griss Shuffle Beat 08. BeatMaker's Dilemma 09. Euphoria (I Could Fly) 10. The Calling 11. Buggin' Bobby 12. The Setup 13. Feel It break 14. Stash 15. Talk About Jesus 16. Heaven 17. Damn! 18. Snow Funk 19. The Circle Game
  6. Y'all up on Wiki and Ratking? Living in New York, I really respect what they do and root for them. Wiki kind of sounds like Geechi from Camp Lo. Madlib produced the opener; not sure if it's a loosie from a beat tape or something he exclusively made for him.
  7. jax green

    FruityLoops story for Noisey

    Hey guys, thought you might like a feature story I just wrote on FruityLoops for Noisey. Got to talk Soulja Boy, 9th Wonder, Sonny Digital and Jhalil Beats among others. Also got to speak with the program's mysterious creator. Give it a read if you have a spare 10!
  8. lightingpill

    Hamilton: The Musical

    So, let's talk about Hamilton: The Musical, shall we? First off, I never in my life saw this coming. We all lived it in high school, but never thought this kind of thing would happen in real life. Hip-Hop being thrown into a real life Broadway musical about the founding fathers of America. And the cast are mixed. Number 3 on the Rap charts under Future and Drake AND Fetty Wap. To me, it feels like after all these years of people saying hip-hop is not a genre of music, hip-hop gets enough respect to have THIS happen, especially at a time where hip-hop is getting as much respect as they are participants in trying to make the music fresh. The fact that this happened at all, to me, is a sign of the times. It's a sign that after gaining worldwide appeal from here to Paris to UK to Australia to Tokyo, hip-hop is gaining the support it's always been looking for, and because of that, it's everywhere and in everything. Now, it's even in Broadway! What do you guys think of all this? Not really what I said, but about Hamilton in general?
  9. idk how but somehow I ended up on a listserv for academic papers, and it seems like every week I get a crazy in depth research paper on the exact shyt I want to read. Samba microtiming, Reggae in Japan. Open your minds, brehs
  10. lightingpill

    clppng/true neutral crew

    I see a regular thing around here is also to talk about our favorite artists, so...I'm curious about people's thoughts about clipping. People on Twitter give them nothing but praise for their official album. The side project True Neutral Crew is the shit, too, mostly for its more playful and experimental nature.
  11. Wesley_Snipes

    OooG - Kawasaki ORIGINAL

    New, "Kawasaki" FULL SOUNDCLOUD <--- LINK Made a new beat, pretty divisive, not easy-going, new flow, still 16s. Guaranteed Hot Shit. 1min Listen AMMMEERRIICCCAAAA (I'm not there yet)
  12. Wesley_Snipes

    59 second slice of dope
  13. jax green


    Hey all, As some of you may know, I've been posting my music on the STMB for years. You guys have always given me great feedback (both positive and negative), and I really appreciate it. I recently dropped a new beat tape, full of melodic surf rock samples, drum breaks and all that good stuff. You can listen to it here: Would really appreciate your feedback again if you have a spare few minutes. If not, no biggie at all. Peace!