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Found 59 results

  1. Granny David

    Brand New LP
  2. Granny David

    Free Hip Hop
  3. Download/Stream: Shvdy presentes "High Discussions" a 3 Track tape. I would love to see some feedback if it's possible. Enjoy 🤙🇬🇷
  4. The Count

    Concept Album! Graphic Novel Inspired. The falling man. Hurtling toward earth at hundreds of feet per second. Helpless to the force of gravity pulling him down with incredible speed. Will he find his parachute in time? And where will he find this metaphoric life line? Enter the mind of the falling man and find the answers. The Falling Man’s Parachute is a narrative in audio cinema. It's a riddle wrapped in the mental trappings of a protagonist, struggling to make sense of modern life in the times we all find ourselves witness to.
  5. sbeBeats

    hip/hop/rnb beat

    Hi guys, looking around for feedback/critizism on my newest beat, fairly new producer but learning faster than ever, thx and have a good one
  6. Granny David

    MF Doom New Remix

  7. Granny David

    Project Collaborations

    I am looking to create projects with my 15 years worth of unfinished work, drafts and ideas. I have an archive of unheard work just waiting to be taken to the next step. Please get in touch if you're interested in collaborating ideas, or if in need of any instrumentals. Cheers! Here's a link to one of my styles which is just remixes of classic hip hop tracks
  8. avervge

    Odd Mojo (MILK$ Remix)

    What's up! We collaborated with fellow D.C. rapper Odd Mojo for an official remix released yesterday. You might recognize Odd Mojo from her recent remix with ST's Gabriel Garzón-Montano. Check it out below and let us know what you think! We switched it up drastically from the original song, for example the vocals hit on a different beat and we made it more DJ friendly. Plus we added a Go-go outro paying homage to DC's roots and XIB's "Chop Train". If you dig, be sure to check out the rest of our SC and hit us up if you want to build! Peace. Odd Mojo - 10ATD (MILK$ Remix)
  9. God'sGift

    God's Gift

    Please peep my new music with my partner Nemesis! We are Pure Order and this is Sword of Elan Vital. All produced by Oh No, mixed and cuts by Dj Romes. Features by Prince Po and Elzhi! Thank you! Premiere Articles:
  10. SmileyRaw

    My newest song hope you feel it

  11. norieaster

    albums you've bought more than once

    You know those albums that you love so much that you either have multiple copies or bought again cause you lost one or it got broken. I was thinkin how in my apt i have 4 copies of Illmatic. 2 cds, a cassette and vinyl. All those great reissues Get On Down have been putting out also doesn't help. I also have Roc Marciano Marcberg on vinyl, cd and since Fat Beats is putting out a cassette, I swiftly copped that. Any albums that y'all love so much that you keep on buying it over and over?
  12. B-Jam vs Enos - Divergent Orbit With 31 tracks and a stack of samples running over 53 mins, this was a month in the digging and planning, and a month in the making. Spanning highlights from the deep and dusty sides of moody neo-soul, lo-fi hip-hop and future beats, every bar has been carefully selected/layered/processed, based on my 20 years of DJing and 7 years of producing. Arguably my finest ever overall mix, plus containing my finest ever transition, (Ahwlee - 86. into mar - Who? is a 2min wonder from hip-hop into future beats). This is my mix masterpiece. [Optimized for headphone listening due to use of psychoacoustic processing on many transitions] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- lojii & Swarvy - unemployed Rich Garvey - Space w. K. Raydio Ode to OverSimplification feat. Michael Anthony, Via Rosa, Andreya Triana & Niki Randa x Flying Lotus B. Cool-Aid - Champagne_Flutes ft. Nanna B Fitz Ambro$e - OHNN Wayne Snow & Max Graef - Rosie (Hubert Daviz remix) Fitz Ambro$e - f i Fitz Ambro$e - we ther B. Cool-Aid - Brwn.intro Swarvy with Pink Siifu - fkthaJimCrow Knxwledge - Fruit Ahwlee - o_well. Ackryte - Ackronyms feat. Smoovth lojii & Swarvy - northern organix Ackryte - Cosmic Boom Blap Prof.Logik - OVerd0z3 Mu$IK Juj - Gradsmoke Infinite Potentials & Prof.Logik - Love Song Brother of Moses - Star Stepper Ahwlee - 86. mar - Who? bluørangee - kyyo(sn)x Lapalux - Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana) Repeat Pattern x Ta-ku - No One Else's Flying Lotus - Testament (feat. Gonja Sufi) lojii & Swarvy - the daze Dex Amora - sagAmora shxt (ft. Zuke Saga) Prof.Logik - Touch QwertyMusique - Mononucléose - Moonglass (2009) Don't Run feat. Michael Anthony x AFTA-1 SiR - Love You
  13. Oldmanwilli

    TRASH, a song about how trash i am

    just a lil diddy
  14. Old_Flowers

    The Official Oh No Thread

    Post here all the Oh No news and music releases
  15. gappamighty

    New Release From Raund Haus-- DOGZAMM

    Back in February an event collective that I help run, Raund Haus, got offered the chance at a distribution deal to start a label out of Durham, NC. This is the newest release... DOGZAMM - Kitty Litter Here's the spotify to the single "your number" featuring emcee Dawud Salim. The rest coming tomorrow. Here is also the band camp link... Dogzamm is a new project between longtime North Carolina collaborators Saint James and Ronnie Flash. “Kitty Litter”, the duo’s debut beat tape, is a merging of modern hip-hop elements with a focus on returning to simple, groove- based simplicity that both artists see as lacking in most modern music. The record's single, 'your number', is a slinky and laidback love letter featuring Chapel Hill based MC Dawud Salim. Press play and coast. “Dogzamm is 100 percent based on two principles — leaning into our eclectic tastes and not holding back any ideas.” -Ronnie Flash “Kitty Litter is a collection of songs to listen to when you just want everything to be alright.” -Saint James
  16. Dez-NYCe

    some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  17. Dez-NYCe

    some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  18. Dez-NYCe

    some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  19. Sample Sickness

    Matra Communication

    Hi, You can listen /download Matra Communication (Sloppy Experimental Hybrid Hip Hop & Trap Breaks) here :