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Found 9 results

  1. TRASH, a song about how trash i am

    just a lil diddy
  2. The Official Oh No Thread

    Post here all the Oh No news and music releases
  3. New Release From Raund Haus-- DOGZAMM

    Back in February an event collective that I help run, Raund Haus, got offered the chance at a distribution deal to start a label out of Durham, NC. This is the newest release... DOGZAMM - Kitty Litter Here's the spotify to the single "your number" featuring emcee Dawud Salim. The rest coming tomorrow. Here is also the band camp link... Dogzamm is a new project between longtime North Carolina collaborators Saint James and Ronnie Flash. “Kitty Litter”, the duo’s debut beat tape, is a merging of modern hip-hop elements with a focus on returning to simple, groove- based simplicity that both artists see as lacking in most modern music. The record's single, 'your number', is a slinky and laidback love letter featuring Chapel Hill based MC Dawud Salim. Press play and coast. “Dogzamm is 100 percent based on two principles — leaning into our eclectic tastes and not holding back any ideas.” -Ronnie Flash “Kitty Litter is a collection of songs to listen to when you just want everything to be alright.” -Saint James
  4. some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  5. some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  6. some scared straight type $#!+

    lol appreciate any feedback
  7. Matra Communication

    Hi, You can listen /download Matra Communication (Sloppy Experimental Hybrid Hip Hop & Trap Breaks) here :