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Found 1 result

  1. Weekly Beat Battles at the Stones Throw Message Board. Anyone can participate. Each Saturday a sample for beat makers to use is posted in the Beat Battles forum. Make a beat using the sample, and post it on the forum by Wednesday. Voting takes place on the board Thursday. The winner chooses the sample and sets rules for the next battle. The Beat Battles are run entirely by users of the Stones Throw Message Board. HOW IT WORKS: • Join the Stones Throw Message Board • Download the sample from the latest thread on the Beat Battles forum. • Post your beat on Soundcloud, with the tag and title STBB### (using the number of the current Beat Battle) • Post your beat (by pasting your beat's Soundcloud URL) on the latest Beat Battle by Wednesday, 11:59PM, Pacific time. • Voting starts on the Beat Battles forum Thursday, 12:00AM, Pacific time, and ends on Friday, 11:59PM Pacific time. • Winner posts next week's new Sample & Rules on Saturday by Noon, 12:00PM Pacific time. DEFAULT RULES: The winner of the previous week's battle sets the rules. Here are the default rules: • One beat per person • Flip the chosen sample any way you want • Allowed: outside drums and bass, vocal samples, cuts/scratches • Not allowed: outside keys/synth unless stated, a cappellas. VOTING Voting takes place in a separate thread for each Beat Battle on the Beat Battles forum. You can vote if you have entered the battles before, or if you have a post count of 5+ • Votes must be in by Friday, 11:59PM Pacific Time. • Don't vote for yourself • Make your votes easy to read - using BOLD, BIG FONTS and HIGHLIGHTS is recommended -- If you need it: Time Zone Converter . . .