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Found 4 results

  1. kubes1988

    resample methods. what's yours?

    I usually put a bunch of loops with the same essence on a bunch of pads then play them live. then use the "high mid low" but cut out certain ones and add dummie tracks. to be honest. I have no set way of doing it. I try many methods. but right now i'm stuck in loopin some drums first then layering. I link multiple gear up and use it as one. i know you guys have been wanting to know how I get down. so that's it....what's your guys' methods.
  2. GPBear

    SSL L500

    The newest SSL mixing board, the L500 Not that I imagine anyone here's buying mixing boards, but I think it's important to note what the newest features of the newest boards of one of the larger and more respected audio companies are so that we can see what sound will most likely sound like in the near future. What I got from that video, is the SSL L500 is the ONLY mixing board in the world (so far...) with an All Pass Filter. I think this means that the future of sound will use all pass filters. So, what is an All Pass Filter? As the video states, "It's a bit complicated". "Phase" is the extra sound on top of the instrument in the mixer's headphones that's created by the difference in distance between the instrument's input and output mic. The sine waves of sound leaving the instrument reach the two mics at different times. Thus overlapping each other, dangerous if the crest of the wave entering the input mic match the trough of the wave when it enters the output, creating total destructive interference. All Pass Filters basically allow you to remove phasing details and/or reverse polarity of specific frequencies. If you like the sonic detail you get from the difference in distance between your kick drum input mic and output mic heard, you don't do anything. All pass filters allow you to reduce the phase differences and/or reverse the polarity at specific frequencies. Reversing the polarity means changing the artifact itself, as if the output mic was the input mic and the input mic was the output mic (360), or (I guess) if they're equally mixed (180). You can reverse polarity of a specific frequency 3 different ways (NoChange-180-360) to get 3 different sounding different phases and then control how much of the phase is going to be heard. EXAMPLE: Producer "We (Label heads) want this pop track to be as clean as possible," Audio engineer on the board "The phase (sonic artifact) of the snare drum is coming in around 2000hz, I'll use the all-pass filter around 2000hz and lower it to 0% to clean it up". This "extra spice", I believe, is going to be the defining sonic feature of music for the coming decade, going on top of all the compressors we already had. In other words, the leg up studios will have over bedroom producers. "The feeling" of 2015 - Next New Board.
  3. D'MosPhree

    Who's Got GAS

    GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome I wanted to make a topic where we could talk about new gear we're peeping or pieces you wanna add to your set-up. Lately I've been peeping the sp-404 mostly for live stuff and just something to funk around on, I'll probably still make the bulk of my beats on my MPC 1000. I've also been eyeing a couple of synths like the Ronald Alpha Juno 1, the Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1, the Casio CZ-5000 or CZ-1. I really just need something to add synths to my beats. On a side note, what do you guys think about DAWs vs multitrack recorders, I've been looking for something better than garageband to record my beats into. I was thinking about Logic since it's only like 200 bucks.
  4. ras dude

    Deals on gear

    I just purchased a 404sx from guitar center's used section for 200 bones. Probably some of the best deals on gear you can find on the web. They're used, but everything I've bought from guitar center has come to me like new so far and cheaper than most ebay deals. They update their inventories daily/weekly. The only real downside to the used section of the site is that you have to place a phone call to order newly listed shit. The search bar on the website is pretty shitty too so keep it minimal when searching. For example, "roland sp" will give results as opposed to "roland sp 404", which gives none. If you're on the hunt for gear I would check em out. I've seen some good deals on MPCs, Maschines, and other SPs when they're available. Usually a couple hundred off too.