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Found 17 results

  1. Granny David

    Free Hip Hop
  2. eelxb


    a new joint .. dm the sc for reposts and i don't repost everything
  3. eelxb


    a new joint .. dm the sc for reposts and i don't repost everything
  4. godzilla

    Recent Finds Thread

    my last batch of purchased records. So much dopenuss!!!
  5. Too many dope titles to list. 98.43256% originals. Graded conservatively. Thank you in advance.
  6. Holdin' Court

    Some old records I found.

    Various old records I've found from various crates in various places around various parts of the UK, Holland, Germany and Singapore. Feat. on this mix: William Bell / Ruff ’N Reddy / Veda Brown / Frederick Knight / Fearn Kinney / Detroit Emeralds / The Masqueraders / Charlie Drake / Eddie Harris / The Delfonics / The Young Turks / Rita Wright / Skin Alley / Dionne Warwick / Rufus Thomas / Delirium / Toto / Break Machine / The Main Ingredient / Redbone / Rogier Van Otterloo / Brenda Russel / Bob James / Cymande. A all vinyl mix. Enjoy.
  7. Per.du

    STBB#492 Funky Week

    STBB#492 Funky Week Thank you all very much for your votes and your nice feedback ! Rules: I’ll try to keep the rules relatively simple this week, but: Your beat has to be at least 105 BPM fast, (playing in halftime for the entire song is considered cheating) You have to use at least 2 of the 3 provided samples, and its gotta be funky. Outside drums and bass: allowed Outside keys/synths/instruments: allowed Outside samples: not allowed Vocalshots & Scratches: allowed Whole Acapellas: not allowed Time limit: 3:00 The Samples: The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 492" in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. For easy browsing's sake, you may also add it to the Stones Throw Beat Battle Soundcloud Group. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here:
  8. ChildOfTheFunk


    Songlist: 01. Blow 02. Child Of The Funk 03. New Year interlude 04. Quantum Leap 05. The Promo 06. March! 07. Griss Shuffle Beat 08. BeatMaker's Dilemma 09. Euphoria (I Could Fly) 10. The Calling 11. Buggin' Bobby 12. The Setup 13. Feel It break 14. Stash 15. Talk About Jesus 16. Heaven 17. Damn! 18. Snow Funk 19. The Circle Game
  9. rangusroon

    STBB 422 - FONK WEEK

    STBB 422 - FONK WEEK Hey guys thanks for all the listens and votes - been doing this for 2 years now and this community just continually amazes me with its creativity and quality. Sample is here: Matthew Larkin Cassell - When I go down TURN IT FONKY Make a beat using the sample and following the production rules Upload your beat to the sound cloud STBB group AND to this topic ! Production rules : 1. no time limit 2. outside drums - allowed 3. keys/synths (VST) - allowed 5. outside bass (Real Bass Guitar) - Mandatory 4. acapella/skits - allowed 5. cuts/scratches - allowed 6. outside sample - go for it SPECIAL RULE: Your beat must be funk and must have real electric bass in it - slap if you can! Have a good week >Post your beat - by Wednesday at Midnight pacific time >Vote - by Friday at Midnight pacific time >Winner - post new sample, rules, etc - by Saturday Noon pacific time and upload the sample here: VOTE OR DIE
  10. James Pants is the newest face of garage cults, and forest militia groups. Like Che Guevara, Mr Pants is a revolutionary, a physician, an author, and a intellectual. His debut album has come off a long journey on Psychedelic substances. His experiences and observations during these trips led him to conclude that the region's ingrained economic inequalities were an intrinsic result of the new world order. James Pants' ideology, leadership, character, virtues, grit and courage have made him the current supreme leader of this golden era for cosmic funk. According to reports first published in Japanese newspapers, Mr. Pants was among the few who allegedly had access to a certain groups information to mastermind events and control world affairs through Government and Corporations. Understanding the mythical entity called [illuminati] created a war within our minds, James Pants' music is created to conflict those forces at their source, making them powerless. His plan is to combat them through the induction of a habit of abstraction or mental concentration, in which, the powers of the mind are so much engrossed with a single idea or train of thought, to render the individuals unconscious, conscious to, all other ideas, impressions, or trains of thought. This therapeutic strategy involved means of heightening, or stimulating psychological states of the mind, reducing physiological functioning in different regions of the body. The subjective effects of this rhythmic sound can lead to powerful immersive experiences, these are often described as a total loss of connection to conventional reality with the encounter of ineffable spiritual God-like realms. James Pants operates as a network comprising of drums, synthesizer, & bass, among many other tools. His management philosophy has been described in an account given by Mr. Pants in his October 2009 interview with Peanut Butter Wolf: "...this matter isn't about any specific person not about the Illuminati Organization. We are the children of a Universal Spirit, with God as its leader, our Lord is one...and all the true believers are brothers. So the situation isn't like the Conspiracy Theorist portray it, that there is an 'organization' with a specific name (such as Illuminati) and so on, that particular name is very old. My music is created as a mental military base to train the minds to fight against the vicious, arrogant, brutal, terrorizing Elite that are controlling us... We aren't separated from this nation, we are the children of a nation, and we are an inseparable part of it. It is from my concerts or public demonstrations we discuss the conscience of this nation." Others, however, see the uprising as an integrated network that is strongly led from the suburban areas, and has a powerful magic purpose. Ceremonial magic, which included all sort of communication with spirits, including necromancy and witchcraft. However Pants denounced in its entirety as impious disobedience towards God. Some critics claim subliminal messages are embedded into the music, that embrace secrets contained within the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Although It is difficult and dangerous to judge the true intent of James Pants' music, one thing is a guarantee. All other music that came before his can be considered a base for judgment, and that the sound is built on this platform. As you listen you feel your soul rise up above all the ideas and creative influence of the past, It is up to you what you do in this state of mind. James Pants clams he wants people to do gods will, but it is up to the listener to chose the path of their intentions... I just hope that his records don't get into the wrong hands! THE KILLER GASLAMP VS. JAMES PANTS riday, 07/09/2012 from 11:55 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Concert Rap / Hip hop Free your funk duo presents a unique Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder) vs. James Pants (Stones Throw) Shigeto (Ghostly International) The place is accessible only adults provided with proof of identity. The management reserves the right of admission. and below, a special message from James Pants.
  11. lasko

    New instrumental by lasko

    Just dropped a new beat titled blue funk check it out!
  12. Indigo Rhythms Rest of tracks on channel as well
  13. Brand-new debut ep from Maseratay, out on 12" and digital.
  14. AllyAl

    Happy Birthday Prince NEW MIX

    Mix by ME Happy Prince month, enjoy 12s of Funk 2 : Prince B-sides, Remixes and Extended Versions tracklisting Alphabet St. (This is Not Music, This Is A Trip) Anotherloverholeinyohead (Extended Version) Scarlett Pussy (Extended Version) Paisley Park (Remix) Shockadelica (Extended Version) Feel U Up (Long Stroke) Housequake (7 Minutes Mo'Quake) Partyman (The Purple Party Mix) Glam Slam (Remix) U Got The Look (Long Look) Sexy Dancer (Extended Version) Bat Dance (The Bat Mix) nice one
  15. Hey Stones Throwers A(nother) journey through lust, love, loss and God hope all is well in your worlds. Yes its that time again, as Valentines approaches I bring you part 3 in the Condition of the Heart series. Little different this time around because I've thrown some of the proteges tracks in there so switch it up a little As always thanks to Andy @ Forever Nowhere for the dope artwork, please see more here > Also thank you Jehan for adding the dialogue over the intro and giving that tracks that needed it that extra bump. so with out foither ado please enjoy (P.S. Keep them peeled on Monday because i'll be dropping another mix a pre Valentines kind of Anti-Valentines mix, intrigued ? Come back Monday and check it out ) intro (I got a lot of surprises...) I Wish U Heaven Forever In My Life If I Was Your Girlfriend (SOTT movie live version) Nothing Compares 2 U - The Family Noon Rendezvous - Sheila E If The Kid Can't Make You Come - The Time The Ladder Muse 2 The Pharaoh Girl (Extended Version) Under The Cherry Moon International Lover Baby Anna Stesia Outro Please feel free to Like, Share, Tweet, Blog or anything else you can think of, it would be greatly appreciated nice one