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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm releasing some old songs, anybody could give some feedback?
  2. The Count

    Concept Album! Graphic Novel Inspired. The falling man. Hurtling toward earth at hundreds of feet per second. Helpless to the force of gravity pulling him down with incredible speed. Will he find his parachute in time? And where will he find this metaphoric life line? Enter the mind of the falling man and find the answers. The Falling Man’s Parachute is a narrative in audio cinema. It's a riddle wrapped in the mental trappings of a protagonist, struggling to make sense of modern life in the times we all find ourselves witness to.
  3. Bertie307

    Dubtronic Show archive

    I've been putting these shows out each month for the past 4 years. Hip-hop, electronic, jazz and world oddities. Please enjoy >> Dubtronic Show on Ghetto Method Radio << Goes out live 6pm GMT every monday on Peace Bert
  4. WaldoH

    Lord RAJA - A Constant Moth

    A Constant Moth is impossibly indulgent on a sonic level while still retaining the intellectual depth of a ted talks video focused on evaluating the evolving moral fabric of society that ultimately strengthens the bridge between primordial ooze and godhood. Kōan saturated beats bent on evoking a trance-like chorus of the listener's personal-life mission statement -- a reflecting pool for the hopes, dreams, and heartaches that listeners wish to apply to the music. Lord RAJA is Ghostly International's koi pond architect, designing music that's deceptively shallow but, if caught at the right moment, shimmeringly beautiful, to the point that you could focus on it for hours. In respect for the young artists new album, "Sounds like the product of someone working out their private pain in public" - Flying Lotus. The rawness of these recordings and the private nature of their creation capture fleeting emotion in an infatuated moment of intense affection, love and obsession.
  5. CrilofOutDaBox

    Flying Lotus talks deep about new LP

    Here's our brand new #OutDaBoxRadio interview with "Flying Lotus" which talks in-depth about his beginnings of pursuing music (initially working for Stones Throw), the deeper meaning of his New LP, his work with Erykah Badu, who he hopes his music can appeal to, and much more. Check out and enjoy! Cril of Out Da Box Media
  6. Tastik BEATS

    Artists with the best discography

    So what are some artists with fantastic discography's Make some lists And then we can make some huge list
  7. tryin new stuff lately - i wonder how the people in the stonesthrow mb relate to this let it roll, its kind of evolving up to the end