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Found 5 results

  1. fatherpigsley

    New Beat Tape cool samples, dope bass lines, short songs, easy listening. let me know what you think.
  2. Berry Woods

    Dope Streaming Mixes

    Decorating new crib, deadly boring! Could anybody link to some nice mixes/DJ sets that I can stream? I can't download shit, I'm up in here with an iphone and a bluetooth speaker, covered in paint. More mellow than thuggedy if possible, instrumental mixes very welcome. Thanks StonesBros.
  3. Mangoes Cash

    Jay Dee on Worldwide in 2001

    Hi there, Just saw and then listened to this freaking must have for any Jay Dee, J Dilla fan. Obviously it's Dilla in Giles Peterson's show, but Giles handed the mic over to Mr Yancey as the entire show is just Dilla talking about everything you ever may have wondered about his time up to that point. Mostly it's just stories about oh, you know, the Solquarians, The Uhmah, the Janet Jacson track, eVvERYTHIng, seen?? This shit is for real Holmes. Ps, peep the Madlib shout out at 30 minutes. Thanks 92bpm.
  4. http://www.stonesthr...hrow-podcast-67 Thank you for the mix, Jonti. "Nightshift in Blue" is my favorite track and I really dig the 33 1/3 version on your old Soundcloud as well.
  5. zmister

    Koushik Releases

    I was trying to figure out all the Koushik releases. Has done anything recently? The only Koushik releases I know of are: Cold Beats Be With Out My Window Koushik vs. Now Again .... cannot find this Mixoremixes podcast also this track is fire: Don't Cry Baby