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Found 18 results


    A Suite For Ma Dukes Poster

    Always wanted to share this poster I took down and kept from a light post outside the Luckman Arts Complex back in Feb 2009. It was right after the insanely beautful performance and we were driving back home when I saw this, so I stopped and took it down. It's a serious treasure of mine and wanted to know if anyone was able to snatch one of these or have even seen them online (?)... They're silkscreened posters made by the legendary Colby Poster Printing Company to boot.
  2. J-Hershey

    Earl Sweatshirt lofi boom bap type beat

    Boom Bap tune I cooked up. Feedback would be dope. Drop a comment and share if you dig it!
  3. Mr.iFlow

    Flow Sinatra (My Way) Prod. By Madlib

    Flow Sinatra (My Way) Prod.By Madlib Directed By SteadyRockFilm First Single Off "The MADxiLLA Tape Repost , Reshare , Enjoy!
  4. Mr.iFlow

    Flow Sinatra (My Way) Prod. By Madlib

    Flow Sinatra (My Way) Prod.By Madlib Directed By SteadyRockFilm First Single Off "The MADxiLLA Tape Repost , Reshare , Enjoy!
  5. overflowg12

    DillaFlow an Ode to James Yancey

    I'm just a kid from Houston! In Celebrations to J DIlla! Enjoy!! Check out
  6. overflowg12

    DillaFlow an Ode to James Yancey

    I'm just a kid from Houston! In Celebrations to J DIlla! Enjoy!! Check out
  7. jax green

    De La Soul - "Smell The Da.I.S.Y."

    https://soundcloud.c...mell-the-da-i-s So even though these are recycled De La verses, this project was really well done. What are your guys thoughts on it? What Dilla beat is that on "Goes With The Word? It's beautiful!
  8. The Dilla Turntable J Dilla — October 19, 2016 ON SALE: THE DILLA TURNTABLE Expected ship date: Dec. 10 Contains an exclusive 7-inch single: J Dilla “The Sickness” feat. Nas, produced by Madlib. Vocal b/w Instrumental. Only available in this package. Pay Jay Productions (PJ011), an official product of the Estate of James Yancey. This turntable was designed to be portable, but functions as a stand alone record player and can plug into any stereo system that accepts an RCA jack or a USB output. It also allows you to record music directly into your computer (transcription software disc included in package). It also contains a 1/8″ headphone jack and dynamic, full range stereo speakers. It comes with a replacement stylus and a 45 adaptor. Artwork by Mason London. • 3 speed turntable (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM) • USB and RCA Outputs • 1.8″ Headphone Jack • Stereo Speakers • Contains 45 adapter and replacement stylus • Transcription software disc included in package Shipping weight: 10 lbs. We are offering flat-rate shipping for domestic and international orders – details here. CHECK OUT OUR GALLERY OF PORTABLE TURNTABLES I think it looks pretty clean. $120 + Shipping. Thoughts?
  9. Low Hiss


    Dope announcement today by Toney Smith from the Dilla Foundation on IG: Really looking forward to this dropping! Pretty unexpected too, anyone heard of this before?

    J DILLA'S DONUTS (33 1/3 Books)

    Very new to this forum but have been lurking for some time now... I would consider myself a dilla enthusiast (hence the username) but was wondering what you think about this release? Donuts has been released, re-released, re-re-released, etc..Don't get me wrong I am not trying to bash but I'm simply trying to get peoples views on it. 33 1/3 TO PUBLISH 'J DILLA'S DONUTS,' A 130-PAGE BOOK ABOUT THE ALBUM AND ARTIST. February 25, 2014 In the store | J DILLA'S DONUTS (33 1/3 Books) Written by Jordan Ferguson. Pre-order for April 24th release. If there was ever an album we've released which could inspire a 130-page book, it's J Dilla'sDonuts – one of our proudest releases, by an artist we were blessed to work with, and a work that took on special significance when J Dilla passed away just after it's release. 33 1/3 books (a series devoted to classic albums) is publishing the title J Dilla's Donuts on April 24th. Author Jordan Ferguson interviewed pretty much everyone associated with the album's creation - Stones Throw's PB Wolf, Jeff Jank, Eothen Alapatt - and many of Dilla's associates in his L.A. and Detroit years. The book is not merely a behind the scenes look at the creation of Donuts, but a look at Dilla's career as a whole, his influences, his music styles, and the art of the music itself. The jacket reads, "Drawing from philosophy, critical theory and musicology, as well as Dilla's own musical catalog, Jordan Ferguson shows that the contradictory, irascible and confrontational music found on Donuts is as much a result of an artist's declining health as it is an example of what scholars call 'late style,' placing the album in a musical tradition that stretches back centuries." In coming weeks we hope to publish an excerpt from the book. About the author: Jordan Ferguson is based in Toronto and writes on his own blogPoetry for Grave Diggers. About the publisher: 33 1/3 Books is a series of short volumes each devoted to a classic album. Published by Bloomsbury, the series was launched in 2003 and has published nearly 100 titles.
  11. Shot during our Feb 9th night in Toronto. Enjoy.
  12. hotchagahot

    ?uestlove "Sandwiches"

    Anyone know about this track? Gross Understatement (G minor) #Sandwich 1397 or just where more of the root's short beat compositions that they play in between the late night show might be recorded? This article mentions that was taken down, but says there were some beats there
  13. Mymanhenri

    Dilla Tribute FEB 7th - TORONTO

    Not been here in a min. Just announcing our annual Dilla tribute in Toronto. This yr, we have special guest BLACK MILK coming down to help us toast, on Dilla's birthday: FEB 7th 2014. You can see the deets on the FB page, and cop tickets online here.
  14. Cheers. This is in part sharing, and in part a follow up to the post I wrote as part of the contest for the 45 Boxset prize. Stones Throw apparently liked the story - (thank you btw) My man found the footage of the tour, and he just uploaded some footage. Hmmmm.... I can't find out how to embed the video so you can read the post and see the video here. Enjoy. H!
  15. (Jamie) Hall

    Unlikely samples

    So...uh Beats that always sample the same kinds of songs kinda take the fun out of making a beat IMO (this goes for overplayed soul songs, overplayed jazz and just overplayed everything) Wanted to start this thread to get some originality going for producers who feel like they're sampling the same stuff (I sometimes feel that way, trust) That's why I like to mess around with whatever sample seems to satisfy my ear It makes for an original and cool beat
  16. (Jamie) Hall

    Just curious...

    How did y'all hear about Dilla? And start liking him in that respect? Cause I see a lot of cats posting on that last thread that Donuts is the most overrated hip-hop album of all time I honestly think, that Donuts is an album unlike any other but not overrated opinions?
  17. saxophonist darryl reeves on some jazz funk
  18. karensilkwood

    2 hours Madlib Tribute