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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, here´s a mix I made in 2010 with all kinds of stuff in it. Have fun
  2. Drosbeats

    "Nature Of The Beat" beat tape

    Just finished up my beat tape "Nature Of The Beat" it's all minimalistic boom bap beats. Figured I'd post it here . BANDCAMP:
  3. sovietfreestyle


    Nice update of FUNK/JAZZ/DISCO/ROCK/BREAKS/SAMPLES stuff from EX-USSR and Soviet satellite countries on eBay! For sure you wouldn’t find such an amazing selection in any other store on the planet! And of course TONS OF SAMPLES, LOOPS AND DRUMBREAKS never used by any producer! If you need WAV RIP of any of the records please let me know. All reasonable offers will be considered. You are welcome to send your offers via email (will be better deal) or via eBay. or For the most comfortable previews listening please download them all at once in ZIP file (600 mbs) from here Please connect to my channel on Youtube where I will publish some hot stuff:
  4. Per.du

    STBB#492 Funky Week

    STBB#492 Funky Week Thank you all very much for your votes and your nice feedback ! Rules: I’ll try to keep the rules relatively simple this week, but: Your beat has to be at least 105 BPM fast, (playing in halftime for the entire song is considered cheating) You have to use at least 2 of the 3 provided samples, and its gotta be funky. Outside drums and bass: allowed Outside keys/synths/instruments: allowed Outside samples: not allowed Vocalshots & Scratches: allowed Whole Acapellas: not allowed Time limit: 3:00 The Samples: The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 492" in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. For easy browsing's sake, you may also add it to the Stones Throw Beat Battle Soundcloud Group. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here:
  5. WaldoH

    Lord RAJA - A Constant Moth

    A Constant Moth is impossibly indulgent on a sonic level while still retaining the intellectual depth of a ted talks video focused on evaluating the evolving moral fabric of society that ultimately strengthens the bridge between primordial ooze and godhood. Kōan saturated beats bent on evoking a trance-like chorus of the listener's personal-life mission statement -- a reflecting pool for the hopes, dreams, and heartaches that listeners wish to apply to the music. Lord RAJA is Ghostly International's koi pond architect, designing music that's deceptively shallow but, if caught at the right moment, shimmeringly beautiful, to the point that you could focus on it for hours. In respect for the young artists new album, "Sounds like the product of someone working out their private pain in public" - Flying Lotus. The rawness of these recordings and the private nature of their creation capture fleeting emotion in an infatuated moment of intense affection, love and obsession.
  6. Mindstates

    Know Any Rare, Hard Hitting Breaks?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you know any rare, hard hitting breaks. I dont really like the common ones (that little Feat one, the Honeydrippers-Impeach the president). It would be awesome if you guys could show me some from around the world, too. thanks.
  7. phillipdrummond

    Asiatic Live Beat Battle/Fundraiser in SF

    Off the bat, here are the illy samples songs for free download: This battle is a fundraiser for the organization Today's Future Sound which provides instruction in music production and beatmaking to youth in underserved communities particularly in the Bay Area and Oakland. Please give us a "like" on facebook, follow @@tfs_beats and check out our website and footage of our workshops on the site: TODAYSFUTURESOUND.ORG Rules: The battle will take place at Showdown in San Francisco at 10 Sixth Street between Mission and Market on SUN JANUARY 27th, 7pm. for map and details. You MUST email or or contact in order to enter the battle. Producers must also RSVP at https://www.facebook...?context=create $5 entry into battle and venue WITH A CAN OF FOOD, $7 w/out, the same goes for all attendees of the event. Attendees may get in for $5 by RSVP'ing before or by 4pm on Sunday Jan 27th. There will be two judges and the crowd is the third judge so make sure to bring all your peoples to root for you and support! Bring your beats on CD and you must bring TWO COPIES of the CD, bring a few extra beats in case of ties/overtime Producers must check in at 6pm at Showdown and pay their entry fee at that point in time. Producers must do all four rounds in order to participate: Download the samples here: we will be making a free-to-download Beat Tape from everyone's flips/beats which will be available on,, and for the general public and will be posted on Beat Tape Co-op TIME LIMIT FOR ALL BEATS IS 1 MINUTE! Round 1 is assigned sample, so you must contact or in order to be assigned a sample group. You will be assigned to one of four groups and then have to make a beat out of that sample. Round 2 is the sample pack and you may use as many or as few of the songs/samples to make ONE beat, but you may not use ANY SAMPLES, DRUMS OR SOUNDS from outside of the sample pack except for spoken vocal snippets/dialogue (like a dj battle) Round 3 is the digging round, each participant/producer is responsible for finding their own pre-1980 Asiatic funk/soul/pop song to sample and flip into a beat. you must bring your sample on your CD to play so judges and audience can see how the sample was flipped. Round 4 is the acapella remix round in which participants must use only the song in the Round 4 folder (" Taku Izumi - ??") of this Zip to sample to remix the acapella of Mac Dre's "It's Raining Game" The winner will receive a prize pack from the sponsors and a $100 towards purchase of any computer at Love and Haight Computers. @philthydrummond Producer line up and assignments: 1) Bebel Group 1 Takeshi Inomata & The Sound Limited-A Time For Us 2) dj crazz Group 1 Takeshi Inomata & The Sound Limited-A Time For Us 3) Matteo? Group 1 Takeshi Inomata & The Sound Limited-A Time For Us 4) Jayson Racadio Group 1 Takeshi Inomata & The Sound Limited-A Time For Us 5) Ready Rock Group 2 Columbia Orchestra - 会津磐梯山 6) KN1 Group 2 Columbia Orchestra - 会津磐梯山 7) Benjo Beats Group 2 Columbia Orchestra - 会津磐梯山 8) AKA Group 2 Columbia Orchestra - 会津磐梯山 9) HolySmokes! Group 3 Toshiko Yonekawa - Saitaro-Bushi 10) Science Group 3 Toshiko Yonekawa - Saitaro-Bushi 11) Bayroo Burner Group 3 Toshiko Yonekawa - Saitaro-Bushi 12) Onewerd Group 3 Toshiko Yonekawa - Saitaro-Bushi 13) vinyl richie group 4 Yūjirō Mabuchi - Ginza No Onna 14) Ion the Prize Group 4 Yūjirō Mabuchi - Ginza No Onna 15) O-Phrap Yūjirō Mabuchi - Ginza No Onna 16) Mike C the Maitre'D - Ginza No Onna 17) Scalez Group 1 Takeshi Inomata & The Sound Limited-A Time For Us 18) Open Slot 19) Open Slot 20) Open Slot 21) Open Slot 22) Open Slot 23) Open Slot 24) Open Slot more open slots, inquire with Phillipdrummond Philthybeats about entering.