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Found 14 results

  1. Wackboods

  2. "Nature Of The Beat" beat tape

    Just finished up my beat tape "Nature Of The Beat" it's all minimalistic boom bap beats. Figured I'd post it here . BANDCAMP:
  3. erbs

    long overdue drop from the sp tape one more on the way and a drop from the rares then the bank tapes Join the email list: Cop My Tapes: Subscribe:…iew_as=subscriber
  4. Quid & TomBombGrenade - Doomed Divide

    the brand new album is finally here! (released digitally on October 13, 2017) give it a listen and let me know your thoughts -- good, bad, indifferent -- all are appreciated. peace.
  5. New Kung Fu beat tape!

    I just released a beat tape where I only sampled from Kung Fu movies. check it out!
  6. durrty dishes

  7. Rotation New beat

    bump it ... thank you
  8. Aye!!

    testing these fxs.
  9. seacrets

    started making videos and what not ...
  10. Quid's Music Thread

    hey, everybody. my name's Quid. i've been rapping for a long time, but only recently decided to check out some online forums in attempt of spreading the word. my first 'release' came out in 2002, and just last month -- November 13, 2015 to be precise -- i put out my fourth official album, "Scatterbrainstorm". either way, i'm just looking for some feedback (like everybody else here). i'm including my bandcamp link in this thread ( this includes all my work to date: 4 full-length albums, as well as the short, 6 song/1 track mix CD i did back in 2002. everything is available for free download except Scatterbrainstorm (which is a professionally pressed CD; not a CD-R). i hope you guys will take some time to check out the catalog because there's bound to be something in there you can enjoy. thanks, peace.