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Found 20 results

  1. Guest

    Yoni Den throwin down beats <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Twin Tigers at Lucky Morning Gate by Yoni Den</a></iframe> This is my fresh tape.
  2. I'M PROUD TO PRESENT YOU MY FIRST BEAT TAPE : 🅜🅐🅚🅔 🅛🅞🅞🅟🅢 🅖🅡🅔🅐🅣 🅐🅖🅐🅘🅝 A beat tape made from my passion to chop sample! Take a listen on soundcloud and catch free download link on my social! SOUNDCLOUD ▶ FACEBOOK ▶ TWITTER ▶ @goodlokiprod I'd love to hear some real headz spit over! Upload your track and tag....#MakeLoopsGreatAgain Love, GOODLOKI : BEATS
  3. I'm about to finally drop a beat tape. Been sitting on a gang of beats I've created over the years and never released nothing official, so I think that now is the time. Some of my shit is posted on SoundCloud, but there's hundreds more sitting here idle without an ear to bless. The hard part is deciding what's going on the beat tape. Even more so I need a cover! I remember some years ago when there were cats on these boards who were pretty damn nice with designing covers ... where y'all at? Who's still designing covers?
  4. Put together a little EP style release with some beats made for STBB beat battles. If you follow the battles you have probably already heard these, nevertheless... It is a free download at these links: Audiomack HearThis BandCamp Bandcamp is best if you fancy a lossless format, (just say zero in price field)
  5. 5XVT

    SMASHING - A Beat Tape

    After this weeks Stones Throw Beat Battle, where I used a Smashing Pumpkins vocal for cuts, I decided to revisit some of their tracks to create a beat tape. Hope you like!
  6. Nebjan

    Ambient Spacy Beat - Interspace

    Yoo ! I'm kinda new here so hello ! I make beats on Logic Pro X and the latest one is here : So my youtube channel is here : And my Soundcloud account is here : Tell me what tyou think !
  7. isaac_haze

    Kenyatta The Ghost - Video

    hope you like it, do you?
  8. The title is just something that comes to mind when i hear something that could possibly make a beat sound better and i want to post that advice. I never want come across as a know it all because i obviously don't, but i was just wondering what you guys think when someone gives feedback to you. Do you actually appreciate the feedback even if it's misplaced or does that proud feeling inside of you make you think what the title mentions or something similar? i think it's worth a lot more than a "nice beat" comment etc. Not that those comments are bad but you can make huge steps in a short amount of time with some simple feedback.
  9. dasal79

    space cowboy instrumental
  10. NikLaze

    STBB 386

    STBB 386!!! a mad .gif for y'all RULES 1. time limit - hell naw 2. flip at least one sample 3. outside drums and bass - ALLOWED 4. keys/synths other instruments - ALLOWED 5. vocal samples / skits / outside sample - APPRECIATED 6. extra CHALLENGE: BREAK OUR NECKS this time, want you all to go hard once SAMPLES: Slanteyez: K∇W∆lZK¥: NikLaze: HOW IT WORKS: • Download the sample from the latest thread on the Beat Battles forum • Join/Submit entry to the Beat Battles Soundcloud Group • Post your beat by Wednesday, 12:00AM Pacific time. • Voting starts on the Beat Battles forum Thursday, 12:00AM Pacific time, and ends on Friday, 12:00AM Pacific time. • Winner posts next week's new Sample & Rules on Saturday by Noon, 12:00PM Pacific time. lets get it started!!
  11. lasko

    New instrumental by lasko

    Just dropped a new beat titled blue funk check it out!
  12. Tastik BEATS

    SNARES ?!

    were can I get those really fat snares used in boom bap ?? cant seem to get it, mine sound to snappy any production techniques, sound packs, genres to sample breaks from etc.. ?
  13. Indigo Rhythms Rest of tracks on channel as well
  14. Tastik BEATS

    Wanna get an sp 404sx, adv and dis

    whats up guys, I Have always wanted to get an sp 404sx so I can produce music portably and perform with it. thoughts? Is the 404sx a good choice if not what do you suggest? I checked the sp forums out and theres heaps of dope stuff up on there
  15. MUJO情

    MUJO情(Beat Tapez)

    Hi peace to all! here's my music check out yo! and a lot of beattapez, all instumentalz:
  16. Stank Da Giant

    Out now the new album of Stank Da Giant

    Will transport you into the depths of the innermost soul. A journey into the moors from which you can't return if you don't ascend the 15 tracks on the album, for a total of 80 minutes of music.. This is the link where you can download the album Visit The Giant on Facebook to see the official video of Sista Bessie Or looking for Stank Da Giant on Fb and Youtube
  17. my first BEAT TAPE -> "The Latest Finds Of The Attic" Listen-> Download-> http://www.grizzmine...+attic-498.html Big up stones throw community! -- FP+


    ^^^That's what I hear at the very end of Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6 and i would like to know where it's from?
  19. sft

    234 VOTE

    BATTLE #234 VOTE Respect the musicians, producers and beatmakers by making an effort to listen to all the submissions >>HERE<< Vote in this thread with... BIG BOLD FONTS and CRAZY COLOURS ----------------------------------------- Everybody votes! Don't vote for yourself but even if you didn't make a beat you can vote. The more votes the better! ------------------------------------------ Voting until Friday Midnight NYC time Winner - post new sample, rules, etc - by Saturday Noon NYC time __________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions! __________________ On twitter? Follow the battles @STMBBeatBattles
  20. I was on a layover and this crazy ass fountain caught my eye... Took a few shots of it and while I was listening to Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2 the other day I thought this song fit the footage pretty well. Pretty bummed the video contest is over I would have liked to enter this one.