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  1. I just released my new instrumental EP, The Gritfather. Let me know what you think!

  3. "Nature Of The Beat" beat tape

    Just finished up my beat tape "Nature Of The Beat" it's all minimalistic boom bap beats. Figured I'd post it here . BANDCAMP:
  4. Yo guys what's up. With the news that Soundcloud might be going under, I took the time to go through all 179 out of 180 minutes of my filled up soundcloud account to cull the best beats for a few tapes for posterity's sake. The overwhelming majority came from old Stones Throw Message Board Beat Battles, and so I felt obligated to share them with you guys. All that being said, I proudly present 'Selected Soundcloud Beats vol 1. & 2'
  5. Skew: Live to Tape 2$ for 11 beats you can check it on sound cloud too: This track is a compilation of raw beats played live. The beats where made with a sp 404 sx, samples are irresponsibly sourced with a needle or an iphone and all is played live while being recorded on an old Onkyo cassette deck. Burn one and enjoy. (feedback encouraged and welcome) Track List: Vladi Raps (calores y dolores remix) Escupo Fuego Pietri (flow pa tiempos de crisis) Boranda 2b@rL00p Omar drops knowledge (el pueblo antes que la deuda) Kung Fu Flix Raw(Crudo) Vincreible (yes yes y'all) Aaaa@@@@hhh it aint hard to tell (spark the philly)
  6. So... What do you think about it? How good is it? Is it like the best almost non-heard beat tape of the world or is it the worst?
  7. So... What do you think about it? How good is it? Is it like the best almost non-heard beat tape of the world or is it the worst?

    Hey all, As some of you may know, I've been posting my music on the STMB for years. You guys have always given me great feedback (both positive and negative), and I really appreciate it. I recently dropped a new beat tape, full of melodic surf rock samples, drum breaks and all that good stuff. You can listen to it here: Would really appreciate your feedback again if you have a spare few minutes. If not, no biggie at all. Peace!
  9. Darktown Strutter's Ball

    Hi people. Here's one of the beats from an upcoming project. It's called Darktown Strutter's Ball and it'll be out for free on August 29th 2012. Download it here: Apologies for not posting in Hype but I just like the Crates way better!