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Found 4 results

  1. norieaster

    albums you've bought more than once

    You know those albums that you love so much that you either have multiple copies or bought again cause you lost one or it got broken. I was thinkin how in my apt i have 4 copies of Illmatic. 2 cds, a cassette and vinyl. All those great reissues Get On Down have been putting out also doesn't help. I also have Roc Marciano Marcberg on vinyl, cd and since Fat Beats is putting out a cassette, I swiftly copped that. Any albums that y'all love so much that you keep on buying it over and over?
  2. Had a broken discussion about this the other day, never got the hear everyone's opinion. What albums, EP's or even extensive songs would you like see in the form a nice lengthy film? Post some links to songs on youtube or something so we can get an idea. Concepts would be a plus too, Me personally, Exmilitary, fuck that would be an intense flick...Imagine a mind like Lynch behind it too.
  3. lightingpill

    Whoa! Next Month is Black Music Month?

    So, I was watching TVOne yesterday morning, only to find out that June is not just the beginning month of the summer, but Black Music Month. This got me thinking about how I have always wanted to do a concept (there's that word again) cover album, which I was going to save for Black History Month next year. (By the way, I decided to take on humanbeyondrepair Vol. 2 and Cincuenta as my personal album ideas.) Anyway, when creating an album about black music, most dudes think about covering music from the old times from Sugarhill Gang to Otis Redding to Marvin Gaye, and all that. What I'm tripping on is...why don't we celebrate the great music we have right now? Why look back far when we can look towards the future with today's music? I was thinking of making an album covering artists that don't always get the amount of eyes that they deserve for their contribution to music, like Dam-Funk to Quasimoto to Lab Waste (Subtitle x Thavius Beck) to Busdriver to Kimya Dawson. I want to cover songs by artists. I already started my cover of J. Dilla's "Nothing Like This" last year. This is an easier album to create because it isn't like I'm going to be covering this live at any chance. Anybody else celebrating this at some point? Also, who do you think I should cover on this? (No Kendrick Lamar. Heh!)
  4. iammzac

    New hip-hop site for release dates Features a nice release date calendar. All release dates/albums are user submitted like a post. Submissions are reviewed and other users may make changes and edit albums like a Wikipedia article to add latest information like tracklist, album art, etc. when they come out. You earn points called skrilla for posting which will be used for future giveaways and more. Check it out and let me know if you like it!