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Found 2 results

  1. lightingpill

    Obsessed with Afrofuturism

    It's safe to say that these days, I have been hella obsessed with Afrofuturism as of late. I want to know if anyone else is as well. Since a review says that my music has dipped in that pie, I decided to do some research on it, and found artists like Sun Ra, Spoek Mathambo, King Britt, the unstoppable Flying Lotus and the legend - wait for it! - dary Jonzun Crew, which came from Boston fucking Massachusetts! Seriously, I heard their album Lost in Space, and was hooked since! Yes, I know. This is old and artists like Afrika Bambaataa had been at it for a while as well, but I still prefer this for it's commitment to how otherworldly it probably was back then. To this day, all I want to listen to is anything that takes hip-hop, electronica, New Wave, Synthpop or Synthpunk or any kind of music to a newer level than the last. I've also been interested in the paintings and drawings of afro/futurist artists as well. Seeing as how I'm a huge music fan, I'm wondering if you have any more artists of such an ilk that I can check out (besides just Janelle Monae)? Some are probably on Stones Throw as we speak. Anyway, discuss? :-)