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Found 9 results

  1. Soviet Konducta

    Soviet Konducta

    I’m sure, many of you know that Madlib delivered a series of releases called the Medicine Show (beattapes and mixtapes) “forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton stack of vinyl". I think today his collection is far more, because this series have been released many years ago (2010/2011). Recently I got an idea to do something like that since I’m a big fun of Madlib’s music during a lot of time. My series which is called Tape Fusion should be taken as a homage or a remake, or a tribute (as you want). Undoubtedly, there are some differences. The series will be published every 2 months (as you remember even Madlib can’t cope monthly schedule). And the main difference is that it will be an "ongoing series". In the beginning, I have planned 13 parts (12 + bonus) but in process is became clear that I have many more ideas and 13 parts are so small to place all desired releases. Today I present the first part – the opening – the beats are made on the basis of Soviet and Eastern European vinyl plus AKAI2000XL. On the cover I decided to draw my GAZ 24 Volga (cult soviet car) hence, the name of the release - "24". By the way, this is my second black "Volga", I admire the old cars, their style and soul and all GAZ 24 is my favorite car from the Soviet car industry. So, meet the first part of Tape Fusion: beats, skits, vinyl, 2000Xl, 80s soviet cassette deck and ~ 22 minutes of Madlib inspired sound.
  2. MellowYouth

    Stones Throw Beat Battles - Mixtape - Vol 7

    another year, another mixtape! 40 winning beats from the past year or so, highlighting some of the best music from the battles *same concept as the last, with only one track from each producer. totaling 40 unique winners/songs, all mixed by yours truly* HUGE thanks to everyone involved with the battles, the message boards, and YOU the listener TRACKLIST- ----------------- 1 - elan vital 2 - julian convex 3 - the deli 4 - banizzz & joagymshoe 5 - thedgtl 6 - fatvonfree 7 - jay mykal 8 - l o k a l 9 - kowalzki 10 - sim 11 - sixfingerz 12 - buddahkillah 13 - lonius 14 - kris van huystee 15 - linkrust 16 - ras dude 17 - acktron 18 - defmute 19 - mnstrmkk 20 - breakmaster cylinder 21 - barry studebaker 22 - slanteyez 23 - super sen 24 - per.du 25 - mawakening 26 - osø 27 - ephexone 28 - mellowyouth 29 - fredson jacobs 30 - el-r 31 - dtunez 32 - donutproducer 33 - beantangerine 34 - scottie royal 35 - setta 36 - :.g.f.nella.: 37 - sol sauvage 38 - vox monkey 39 - beatcretin 40 - billinski & nothing/masters *41 - liorando
  3. MellowYouth

    Stones Throw Beat Battles - Mixtape - Vol 6

    round 6 of the yearly mixtapes is complete! over 40 of the past champs beats, mixed together by yours truly. some old, some new, but all beat-matched with skits and interludes. every year provides a challenge to create new music and listening to all the winning tracks is always inspiring. Big shout out to everybody involved with the beat battles that keep things moving. i truly enjoy making music and especially sharing these mixes with you. i dont get to participate in the battles as much as i used to, but best believe these will keep going! --------------- TRACKLIST --------------- 1 sam knockz 2 dtunez 3 el. 4 genee 5 mfakka 6 donutproducer 7 mnstrmkk 8 sim 9 julian convex 10 wavy bagels 11 sixfingerz 12 mawakening pt1 13 2n!te 14 constrobuz 15 the wolf 16 per.du 17 robot orchestra 18 fatvonfree 19 koaraktor 20 scottie royal 21 ras dude 22 mazeone 23 beatfux 24 linkrust 25 slanteyez 26 defmute 27 hobgoblin 28 kowalzki 29 joagymshoe 30 billinski 31 sol sauvage 32 fredson jacobs pt1 33 cole smithers 34 mawakening pt2 35 saadyah tzvi X banizzz smooth 36 elanvital 37 fredson jacobs pt2 38 the jackal 39 setta 40 mellowyouth 41 kris van huystee * lady in the radiator
  4. Hi, here´s a mix I made in 2010 with all kinds of stuff in it. Have fun
  5. round 5 of the yearly mixtapes is finished! same as the other tapes, one beat per producer; compiling over 40 tracks you may or may not have heard before. these are without a doubt my favorite projects to work on and previewing these jams always reminds me of how talented all of these beatmakers are. hands down, some of the best producers i've heard and it would be a shame for some of these songs to get lost/forgotten. i've been in the battles for 6 years now, and have released one of these every year for the past 5. there was a 4 year timespan when i would participate every week. now, i rarely get a chance to make a weekly track, but i always carve out a couple days in my schedule to work on these mixtapes. i don't mix these to make money off of everyones hard work. i make these to promote the people from around the world and put them in the best light possible. chances are, a lot of these are brand new beats for heads, and people need to hear these! i apologize for my shitty DJ skills. i'm always learning, and theres a few spots i'm less proud of :/ eitherway, i hope you enjoy!
  6. it's that time of year again. if you're reading this, you already know what's going on. 1 winning beat per-person, mixed together by yours truly. this is the 4th installment in these mixtapes and every year its both a challenging and rewarding process. there's some hiccups here and there from mixing non-quantized beats, but overall i think it turned out dope. but, its hard to sound bad when i have the entire catalog of the best beats to choose from. 40 tracks from 40 producers located around the globe. i cant think of a better place to make music. what an honor to be involved in these battles, and i hope you enjoy 1 constrobuz - untitled based beat 2 JoaGymshoe - spaceship 3 defMute - homa 4 EdTheYounger - flubamboochoon 5 Walkingshoe - cordersticks pt1 -2 6 Mishabeatsyou - in the streets 7 Johnny North - lucid journey 8 slanteyez - breakfast of champions 9 DrunkenMaster - hommage 10 el. - formless 11 Heavy Drama - got drama 12 breakmaster cylinder - untitled beat 13 Lady-Snowblood - aftertouch 14 Vavoom LaHaye - sexy synth 15 FRIS - hold up 16 ,,,J0ndis - oOps 17 Julian Convex - drugs sun 18 HYDROFONIK - mi gal dub 19 S.F.T- sawn&poppin 20 Pete Range - Do you feel it? Tell me if you do... 21 Mason James - untitled beat 22 peet. - steelbirds 23 MazeOne! - war 24 Robot Orchestra - revenge of the robots 25 MUMA. - typewriter 26 OSO - broad factor remix 27 ras dude - cheeba chew 28 NikLaze - fuck a job 29 KOW - bobin 30 Cut Spencer & Wake Up - the funky 31 LinkRust - bullshit beat 32 Scottie Royal - phone hack 33 kynes - untitled beat 34 MNSTRMKK - newreno 35 Sixfingerz - let you go 36 Īṃƥɵʂşiƃɭȅ∞Ƞ૦ƫȟįȵğ - poppa gateway 37 bleepdatshit - d r u g s 38 Fredson Jacobs - whispering how long 39 MellowYouth - morgensang 40 MaxStarkMusic - where am i *Sam Kinison - outro ------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks again, and heres the other 3 volumes from the years before vol3 vol2 vol1
  7. Pretbederf

    Wild in the streets

    moved this content to the hype section