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Found 13 results

  1. Surprised there's no thread. Happy 42nd Birthday J Dilla! On this day 10 years ago, the greatest hip-hop album of all time, "Donuts," was released. Levels and depths of emotions that haven't been touched in hip-hop since. RIP King of Beats, GOAT Pay dues, homage, respect
  2. Crystal Joker

    Joey Bada$$

    Rockin over Dilla in "Two Lips"
  3. GPBear

    New Albums

    Hey guys, what's up. Have five new albums on bandcamp. A trilogy, "The Next Phase," of more trip-hop ambient boom-bap. And then 2 albums of loosies, one of Dilla for his birthday that remixed samples he used and one of Drake for a waitress I know who said she listened to a lot of him. I've never listened to Drake, I basically remixed as many decent Drake acapellas as I could find. Here's the second album in the trilogy.
  4. OfficeTime8889

    J Dilla | Back to the Crib Mixtape

    Look at what popped up on my Twitter feed: Says BBE's giving this a 7" release. How they're going to pack upwards of 45 minutes onto a single 7" is beyond me but they've got my interest. For all the beat tape heads on here, though I haven't listened to this in its entirety just yet, being familiar with Dilla it wouldn't surprise me if some interlude or unmarked beat made its way on this, this is a mix project: not a beat tape. Reminds me of House Shoes' ​King James mixes … which are absolute flames BTW. Listen here:
  5. geewon001

    The Making Of J Dilla's "THE DIARY"

    The Making Of J Dilla's "THE DIARY" presented by MASS APPEAL via youtube
  6. amplifiedsoul

    Very promising talent!

    Stones Throw! i am a random signup, but lover of all things Stones throw. I've simply signed up to do what stones throw was created on, share great music. ok, so i stumbled across a artist on youtube named.. ready? 'Time Travelling Toaster'.. while searching for a madlib flying lotus j dilla playlist, i seen this artist buried in a playlist. time went by and i eventually checked out his music and wow, am i impressed. imagine madlib creating a personality, and the personality slipping out of madlib's head and floated off into space... closest way i can describe the sound lol its really original and i plan on spreading the music that I found. anyone familiar? check it his bandcamp
  7. Nas "The Season" Produced by J Dilla (Snippet)
  8. Jubito

    Help me please

    Does anybody know what's the beat in the second interlude on Ruff Draft? Has it been released? That shit is dope, I'd appreciate your help.
  9. I haven't been able to find a tracklist for J Rocc's Jaylib promo mix, which is available for free download on the Stones Throw site here. The first 6-7 minutes of the mix contains around 25-30 Dilla and Madlib beats, some of which I know and many of which I would like to know. Have a go and see if you know any (or all) that I don't... (I will take this down if asked - just wanted to make it easier for people to listen / try to identify tracks) So far I have... Front Street – 1st Down Likwit Fusion - Lootpack Thanks DannyD Runnin’ - Pharcyde Drop - Pharcyde The Anthem - Lootpack Thanks DannyD Stakes Is High – De La Soul Come On Feet - Quasimoto A.V.E.R.A.G.E. - Kazi Thanks Danny D Dedication To The Suckers - Phat Kat Wake Up - Kazi Thanks Fresh Don’t Nobody Care About Us – Phat Kat Stakes is High Remix - Jay Dee Thanks DannyD Whenimondamic - Lootpack Thanks DannyD Intro – Slum Village (plus another beat that comes in at the same time ?) Ashby Road - Madlib Thanks DannyD Find A Way – Tribe Money - Dudley Perkins Thanks Cis Much More – De La Soul Que D - Cash Flow Thanks SunnyMeadowz Party Up - Wildchild Thanks Fresh Bend Over - Phife Falling - Madlib/Dudley Perkins Thanks DannyD ? 06:15 Pause – Dilla Place Your Bet - MED The Red – Jaylib END OF MINI-MIX
  11. Mangoes Cash

    Jay Dee on Worldwide in 2001

    Hi there, Just saw and then listened to this freaking must have for any Jay Dee, J Dilla fan. Obviously it's Dilla in Giles Peterson's show, but Giles handed the mic over to Mr Yancey as the entire show is just Dilla talking about everything you ever may have wondered about his time up to that point. Mostly it's just stories about oh, you know, the Solquarians, The Uhmah, the Janet Jacson track, eVvERYTHIng, seen?? This shit is for real Holmes. Ps, peep the Madlib shout out at 30 minutes. Thanks 92bpm.