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  1. straight outta fremont

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    Too much heat on this sample pack. A lot of the loops will be used on my main productions.
  2. straight outta fremont

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    What's donutproducer software?
  3. straight outta fremont

    dave cooley master plugins revealed

    Also make sure you are using your plugins and doing recordings in 96khz. The amount of emulation these compressor plugins do at 96khz is amazing. I have a mini moog voyager and native instruments monark is my go to synth at 96khz when I don't want to warm up the voyager
  4. straight outta fremont

    STBB 454

    Done Going to bed.
  5. straight outta fremont

    Free just blaze drums from the 2000s ... -download/ Enjoy!
  6. straight outta fremont

    STBB 454

    Lot of heat this week. I've been stuck on that last track in the sample pack.
  7. straight outta fremont

    Post a picture of your setup

    Ableton Push 2, SSL X Desk, Munro Eggs 150, Minimoog Voyager. Holla!
  8. straight outta fremont

    STBB 383

    First beat I made using the Elektron RYTM I'm still trying to learn the sequencer.
  9. straight outta fremont

    i want it more than you

    This thread will never die. never! lol
  10. straight outta fremont

    MPC??? look for MPC You can pick up a 1000 for 349-400 range usually. MPC 2000 for 199-300 range MPC 2000XL for 300-400. I got my 60 II from there on clearance for 500.
  11. straight outta fremont

    quiet tracks on soundcloud...

    Make sure your mixes are around -6Db for more headroom. If you upload a mix at a value higher than -0.6Db your mixes will sound like shite on soundcloud.
  12. straight outta fremont


    Start with stock sounds and slowly blend your vinyl chops. For example I use Arturia Spark stock kits and play it over the other sample chops. Slowly I replace a kick here and then a snare from a record and slowly I have a new kit. The trick with working with a stock drum kit is to replace a small amount of sounds and build from there rather than just going for strictly samples only. My main kits to start with are usually basic acoustic kits.
  13. straight outta fremont

    307 VOTE!!

    1st MellowYouth 2nd D!ngus 3rd APBeats Good job to everyone this week. I'm glad to get back into the groove and train with the thoroughbreds.
  14. straight outta fremont

    Studio One V2 halloween 50% off sale. today o

    This is only valid for Halloween 10/31 enter SPOOKY in the code box at checkout. not a bad deal if you need a DAW for cheap. Comes with instruments too. This is way cheaper than reason.
  15. straight outta fremont

    How to hook up multiple synths to MPC Keyboard controller Midi Out 1A ------> Midi In 1A MPC 1000 ---------->Midi out 1A------> Midisport 4x4 Midi In A (synth1) ------->Midisport 4x4 Midi In B (synth 2) ------->Midisport 4x4 Midi in C (synth 3) ------>Midisport 4x4 Midi in D (synth 4) Make sure you have a mixer to handle all the audio ins and outs. Always watch your levels and protect your hearing when you're dealing with that much amount of noise.