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    need tracks mastering mixed for vinyl record


    need tracks mastering mixed for vinyl record

    $25 x 13 is $325. Which is only $75 more than the $250 you were saying. And real talk... 6 tracks on one side and 7 on the other, you're going to really squish the dynamic range on your project. (you should honestly max your sides around 15-18 minutes) Seriously, you need to consider if you honestly are wanting a quality sound of if you're just wanting vinyl. The market is currently flooded with people "just wanting it on vinyl" and are therefore putting out subpar quality sounding records. I'm just trying to drop knowledge on you. And know that vinyl is going to be quite a process with possibly months of lead time.

    need tracks mastering mixed for vinyl record

    Lrox at Redsecta. 13 tracks? Are you trying to fit it all on one disc or are you going to do a 2xlp? (which I would HIGHLY suggest you do) Realize that will double your pressing costs though. If sound quality is honestly your concern. DO NOT GO CHEAP! I've used him on the majority of my projects. (Basement Sessions, Vintage DOPE and D&G) He recently mastered the D&G album for both digital and vinyl and there is a HUGE difference in how the two versions sound. https://kingandgiant.bandcamp.com/album/the-scepter-the-sword or https://dawhud.bandcamp.com/ (to hear some of the other projects mentioned)

    Pete Marriott

    I've worked really hard on that LP and I'm really excited for people to hear it. We're still planning on doing a vinyl release for D&G - "The Scepter & The Sword" and already have a good portion of a follow up finished. I really don't want to be cocky about the album, but I think cats are really going to dig this project. Thank you for all the cats that have supported my stuff over the years. I hope you dig D&G.

    Wu Tang is actually the most overrated group

    I think this was just a clever way for RZA, who is a total control freak, to bury a Wutang album he didn't produce.

    Netflix instant queue suggestion thread

    ^^^ Agree 100%.

    pressing up cassette tapes

    I've pressed up a few of my projects on tape and I DO play the new tapes that I buy. https://dawhud.bandcamp.com/merch (^^^if you want to peep what some of the releases look like)

    Hip hop in Chicago?

    Although the city is known for Kanye, Common, All Natural, Grav, Molemen, Rhymefest etc. there's a lot of pseudo trap/street garbage that seems to be everywhere.

    Celebrity Run-ins in person or social media

    My homie Ace-One and I have been working on an album and when Prhyme was coming to town we tried to get on the bill. We didn't get on the bill, but went to the show and the meet and greet. Being that he's played a couple of my tracks I thought he'd be interested in talking with me. We got in towards the back of the line and then introduced ourselves. When I told him who we were, Premier said, "OH SHIT!!! It's SO good to finally meet you! That song you did was DOPE! Who's rhyming and who did the beat? That track is dope!" We go in to take the picture and DJ Premier leans into Royce and says, "Yo... these cats make some dope shit." Shit was crazy.
  10. DAWHUD

    NOOBS and The Hype Thread

    Don't... don't... don't believe the HYPE.
  11. DAWHUD

    Record Store Day

    Ok when listening to it in the car it sounds better than when I popped it in and plugged in the headphones. I will say that a couple of the joints still sound like tape dubs and "F@*k With Ya Head" still has the parts where the cassette drops. The 2nd disc so far sounds more gritty, like a straight record rip. (basically a record made from a tape then ripped for a CD, lol) But... so far I've just gotten through most of the tracks from the "Ruff+Rares EP". (and the quality of that EP drove me crazy back when it dropped on Fondel 'Em)
  12. DAWHUD

    Record Store Day

    Not remastered, still sounds like a 3rd gen tape dub from the 90s.
  13. DAWHUD

    Record Store Day

    I got mine in the mail yesterday, but haven't listened to it yet. Will report back.
  14. DAWHUD

    Record Store Day

    Backpacker in front of me grabbed the only copy. BUT I had the Dilla FTP 7" he wanted. Dude wouldn't trade, so phawk 'em. I then bought the KMD joint on my phone while still in the store. On a side note, as that douche was looking over my shoulder as I was diggin through the tapes, I found The Roots "Things Fall Apart" on cassette. (used for $8, which was too much IMO for a used tape) I pointed it out to the cat and he goes, "Oh... is that an exclusive?" "Naw... it's a dope album." "Huh... never heard of it. Should I check it?" (sigh) "Yeah, homie... it's one of The Roots best albums." SMH
  15. DAWHUD

    Record Store Day

    RSD is like the day after Thanksgiving. Cats getting in line for "door buster" exclusives & over priced bull. You can dig because of all the fair weather record cats. I've done it every year, but more and more I'm getting annoyed and fed up with it.