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  1. Shop Thread

    "Simon Plays" - coming 13/04. An original drum break record by Simon Allen.Pre-order >> 4/4 grooves and single hits of kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms and cymbals. Played on a vintage 50s kit and all recorded on 1960s analog recording gear onto 2" tape.
  2. Shop Thread

    Coming in 2018, an original drum break record played by Simon Allen of The New Mastersounds. We hired a studio with a vintage 50’s kit and 60’s recording equipment. All recorded to tape and then mastered.
  3. Shop Thread

    New premiere & a cool interview with Magic In Threes by Music Is My Sanctuary - also win a 45 >>
  4. Shop Thread

    Lewis Parker The Glass Ceiling 2LP Reissue >> with new cover art and a couple of different versions. We've got 100 on white vinyl - exclusively at KingUnderground & the rest in stores around the world.
  5. Shop Thread

    Magic in Threes "Finnish Funk" 45 >> we've got our pre-order up now, vinyl coming Feb 9th.
  6. Shop Thread

    Our new signing, Ernest Herb performing an improvised track live at the Craufurd. His debut is coming in 2018. "Ernest Herb should be a household name" - Zed Bias
  7. Shop Thread

    Our first label night - This Saturday @ The Jazz Cafe, London.
  8. Shop Thread

    "The Adventures of Moscow Metropolitan Card" video from Boora's "The Art of 10 Seconds" LP >>
  9. Shop Thread

    Hello, My name's Dan aka Pings, DJ/producer. I'm 27 and run an online hip hop store/label based in the United Kingdom. I just wanted to introduced myself on the the STMB forum and to put a few words on the thread so if you don't know what we are all about at kingUnderground then hopefully this will give you an idea. I'm going to start posting topics on our 'KingUnderground Shop Thread' so if you want to keep up to date with KU on STMB you can. KingUnderground has been running for 5 years, I started it with a friend back in 2005. Unfortunately my friend/business partner decided he wanted to do other things with his life and left KU about a year after opening. I wanted to run a 'Stay True' hip hop shop (originally just strictly vinyl) and create a Fatbeats type UK store. I pretty much started KU at completely the wrong time as it seems hip hop went down hill a bit after 2005. I felt though that KingUnderground could hopefully help keep the scene alive. I'm not sure we have done that but I'd like to think we've played a part and are still adding to it. I've joined the STMB forum to get involved with all the hip hop gossip and to let people know about I'm not sure how many of you do know about KingUnderground but I'm not on here just to plug releases and make money, hopefully you can tell I'm a true hip hop head. It's very tough running an independent hip hop/record store and trying to survive is very tough at the moment. If you can come and check us out that would be appreciated big time, I'm also keen to know your likes and dislikes as well of KingUnderground and how we can make it better for you? We stock a lot of Stones Throw product as well! Just to finish off you can download any of our FREE Podcasts here if you fancy a listen: Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you! Peace, Dan @ KingUnderground