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  1. I need a business partner with good grammar. Sorry bruv
  2. I used to but I am no longer using Photoshop and Illustrator. sorry bro. Just grab a suitable picture from the web. No?
  3. Part of the movement y'all!
  5. Got to respect that.#jordans
  6. She hype!
  7. That new new
  8. LoL shimmy shimmy yah
  9. Video Killed the Radio Star
  10. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I guess he is just so outrageous that its always a shock to the system.... as usual tho, for me any album of his has at least a few absolute stunners I want played at my funeral.
  11. Dear gawd!! i don't think I have survived a single review.!!!
  12. I count 8 absolute bangers. I love the production (how the sonics were mixed mastered etc (Q Tip and any hip hopper should listen), the snare is not the star of the show. Beyond that, for me 8/23 aint cool... Why not make 10 songs, construct a flowing album etc... Anyhow, its what I would have done, made more a Sgt Peppers.