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    Leaving Records x Stones Throw: Dual Form

    It doesn't sound "dirty" man, it sounds like shit. I'm all for raw music, but this is badly mixed either out of laziness or as a misguided attempt at capturing that true "raw" feel.I literally put it on in the car for a few of my music friends to get some second opinions on it before submitting my final review and the reactions was universal every time -- please shut this awful sounding music off. Like I said before, there are some gems here, but there's also some really badly thought out music that tries to "be" different rather than just feeling different organically. I never try to go out of my way to knock dudes for doing what they do, but looking around the net shows me that i'm not the only one who feels that this is a fairly poor showing for most everyone involved. Dope to see someone else from Iowa on here though. I'm from Des Moines myself
  2. Vocab

    Leaving Records x Stones Throw: Dual Form

    Honestly, I would preview it before hand. It does have some interesting music, but the way the album is mixed and recorded make it sound so piss poor that it's fairly hard to listen to (though I'm sure that was intentional being that it's suppose to be a "cassette tape" and all). I'm all for raw sounding mixes, but I was shocked by how bad this sounded.
  3. Vocab

    Leaving Records x Stones Throw: Dual Form

    I'm currently working on my review for it, and maaaan that first 5 track stretch is brutal. I thought I was going to have to turn the damn thing off. Thankfully it picks up after that, and there really is some good music buried here. Still, hard not to feel a bit disappointed
  4. Vocab

    Prince Po and Oh No album?

    Po just said on his FB that he recently completed an album produced by Oh No. Should be amazing. Anyone know anything else about this?
  5. Vocab


    To be fair, in regards to the review, on my first few listens I would have given it around a 6 too. I wasn't too in love with the album at all. After spending some time with it though I really enjoy it. Just took a bit to grow
  6. I would imagine they would just throw on whatever money is leftover themselves. Even if it stalled around 25k and they just had to throw on the extra 5k, they would still be coming out on top.
  7. Vocab

    Mr. Fantastik: Greatest Mystery In Hip Hop?

    It's sad, dude probably doesn't even realize how many people are still clamoring for an album from him.
  8. Vocab

    Need some help from Hardcore Madlib Fans

    Man that was fast. Thank you guys! Really, really appreciate the help.
  9. I'm currently putting together a list of all of Madlib's releases (under all aliases of course) for personal use, and i'm almost finished. I was just wondering if the knowledgeable users here could help me out by telling me which of his EP's contains original music that isn't later used on full length LP's. Dude has so many ep's and singles that it's making my head spin, trying to figure out what is what is proving somewhat difficult. Also it doesn't matter if it's digital or wax only. I appreciate any and all help, and thank you in advance!
  10. Vocab

    Mr. Fantastik: Greatest Mystery In Hip Hop?

    Fairly sure he isn't Rodan lol, though it is funny cause over at UGHH someone claimed he was really Count Bass D. The plot thickens
  11. I'm of course talking about the amazing mc who guested on MF DOOM's "Anti Matter" and "Rap Snitch Knishes". Trying to find out who and where he is has become a fairly popular topic over the last few years on various Hip Hop forums, and so far nobody has been able to learn anything. The most information anyone has come across is that he possible lived in Florida, and at one point there was a single interview done with him on a random Hip Hop site that has since seemingly been lost. Dude only had a few guest appearances to his name, but he made a huuuuge impact on everyone who head him. I've literally seen people who hate DOOM's music with every fiber of their being stop and ask about who this dude was because he absolutely beast his verses. Thought it might be fun for us all to pull together and see what we can learn. I know some of the Stones Throw staff post here as well, and it seems like if anyone were to be in a position to unearth this dude it would be these boards. So there you have it fella's. I've seen this board hear .5 seconds of a random sample and someone track that joint down to some random south African cassette tape that only one person in the world owns (kidding...sorta). Let's see what we can do
  12. Vocab

    Stones Throw Ipad Sleeve?

    I think it's dope. Wish I had the money to cop one, sadly my funds are mostly spent on my son these days. Love the idea of a ST bag as well. I would even be happy with something as simple as a durable satchel I could use for when I go out digging. That would be pretty cool
  13. Vocab


    With a half of face iron, the other half water, look like alien science In the summer time, you can see the face boil But the other side, I keep lubed with the Pennzoil Mad loyal, when the winter time come, I gets stuck with my brain all numb - Ghostface (on DangerDOOM's The Mask) How the hell did we go from this....to a cheap wrestling mask Ghost? lol. nah in all seriousness im just happy this is happening, even if it is with crappy mask.
  14. Vocab


    only DOOM album I care about as of now is Swift & Changeable. Ive been waiting for years and years for this joint. Sadly I seriously doubt we're ever going to see it. Shame, that album would have been epic
  15. Vocab

    MED turns in new album

    wow....Med and Blu need an album together ASAP. That shit is amazing