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  1. Part of me hoped this was Nas tracks reworked to sound like Quas. Match acapella to slow instrumental, speed back up.
  2. 1. DonutProducer- for the melody and a fitting snare chosen according to rules. 2. Lonius - even mix, piano chops yo 3. crtl x skillz - bounce! shoutouts to kautzallainen for the bugged out sound and WigMaster, first flip on some Undertaker entrance theme and sweet bassline.
  3. I too did exactly this. Think the use of the Motherload track remains as the most bugged out thing for me.
  4. ^Fan made mix, not official. Few sites even trying to get scoop on this 'new Beat Konducta', geez...
  5. What I heard but I dunno, you're way more experienced in transcribing!
  6. Based on that info, I'd say it was about Masta Killa's upcoming Loyalty is Royalty album. At best the audio could've been a DOOM feature, but note the vague description of 'sounded similar to DOOM'.
  7. I'll ask the important questions: are DOOM's vocals on ATHF still in lower quality in comparison to other tracks and does Basket Case still contain the Windows click sound?
  8. It is happening.
  9. Guess I'd prefer if the tapes were simply released just as Dilla originally compiled and sequenced them. No questionable relooping of his work, and no jumps between totally different eras. Let Dave Cooley and folks do the mastering, seal the deal with a booklet of Questlove breaking down every track. Bong bong.
  10. The beat, the beat!
  11. Bummer, well look at it this way then - at least you didn't buy a box of poop. Maybe some day you'll get a call to the Trap Phone™, so be alert yo.
  12. Nothing hidden under the back cover or battery? My second guess after audio files would've been a hidden download code.
  13. Talk about dart throwing, and flow.
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/136980466 Here's like four hours of Jon crafting beats with Dibiase