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  1. Samiyam - Animals Have Feelings

    Ya catch the next one? https://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2017/09/samiyam-pizza-party
  2. DOOM

    I only came across this archive of an old eBay page https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/mf-doom-the-supervillian-mmm-autograph-w-coa-2 which honestly looks really laughable compared to yours. Cool poster ruined. But yours looks sick, and solely based on the style and the way "Villain" is written it comes across as legit, while technically it's difficult to proof for realsies. I'd invest in a frame and hold on to it. It's worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay and pray it isn't ripped in delivery. But yeah I'm guessing not too many autographs are out there, so an expert would probably value it above an average signature, plus fan/collector interest. I don't know.
  3. DOOM

  4. DOOM

    Just noticed that this take also doesn't have DOOM clearing his throat during "mic check". ..... Yeah, I was in fact considering to make a joke about them posting old tracks where the only difference would be a off-mic cough, but now they kinda made that a reality already. Might as well take this further than all the Beatles and jazz takes. ....personally this track doesn't bother me as I hadn't heard it before but I totally understand why it feels like a let down....
  5. DOOM

    Slight differences in the first three lines. Compare to this, https://genius.com/Jj-doom-pause-tape-lyrics "Motherfucker" instead of "Mother father" "Goddamn" instead of "God-given" "like a hot *something* donna" "Rope/Wrote check" I guess? instead of "deep check"
  6. DOOM

    Different take with explicit lyrics and no Jneiro. At least this taught me that DOOM has a Bandcamp managed by Lex: https://mfdoom.bandcamp.com

    You know what would've been cool? A full Soundpieces Da Remix LP....
  8. DOOM

    Reddit users pointed out that the beat seems to originate from Cool Calm Pete's Lost Interlude, 2005, produced by him. There goes my Jake One guess...
  9. DOOM

    Damn, I guess anything goes huh. I mean it's alright it's officially out after 7 years.
  10. what are you listening to?

    Discovered Seattle's Tribal Productions Crew. If you dig Kankick and Funk Farm's type of low key underground sound, add this to your collection. Are you familiar with them @gEEchieDan? https://triballegacy.bandcamp.com
  11. DOOM

    To clarify, I was referring to the artists named above, not the Adult Swim tracks, so no worries Grifty ✌️ Was thinking if Kurious' Snakecharmer that Ninja Tune only put out as a 45 could appear here as a Geedorah track...
  12. DOOM

    Just thought to myself how I've replayed Doomsayer the most so far, so I'm a-ok for more DOOM & ALC. Rest though?
  13. STBB #548 VOTE

    1. shmbl 2. Wigmaster 3. cascassette shmbl's flip fits my sleepy mood atm...
  14. DOOM

    DOOM ft. Kool Keith (prod. by Astronote), again no title http://www.adultswim.com/music/doom/