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  1. DOOM

    Word. Respect to GC90.
  2. DOOM


    That would be a Gilles Peterson show from June 27th 2002. BBC lists it as "Special studio guest Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf".
  4. DOOM


    I mean, to the extent that few beats he played on BBC in 2005 were credited to "Raw Humps Beats #23, 15, 30, 88, and 17"
  6. DOOM

    This piece is old at this point, but don't think it has been shared here? Jneiro Jarel giving short descriptions of the JJ DOOM album and Bookhead EP, working with DOOM: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2017/06/14/jneiro-jarel-guide JJ DOOM "DOOM and I were in Beverly Hills and used to live in a compound; I had my section, he had his section. But when it came to recording, me and him would sit up for hours and hours talking about music, like ’90s hip-hop, all the Portishead stuff and all the Radiohead connections, ’cause he didn’t know anything about those artists; he didn’t know who Thom Yorke was, he didn’t know who Beth Gibbons was, he didn’t know who Massive Attack was, and I came from a lot of that. So we had these meetings where I schooled him on other types of music that I felt me and him should get involved with. So all that stuff you hear [on Keys To The Kuffs] with him being open to that; it had a lot to do with educating him on those artists. When we started recording, he had to understand it. But DOOM couldn’t care less, man! [Laughs] People do not understand. He could not care less. But that’s how he works, and you’ve got to respect it. We know DOOM as a villain—a very kind one—but he’s a villain, man." Bookhead EP "The Bookhead EP is awesome and I’m glad people were down to remix it. I think it stands the test of time. But with DOOM, man, you’ve got to juice it ’cause it’s hard to get him to do more music! Working with DOOM is like… Well, you can’t get in the studio and think what you’d typically expect when you work with someone. Normally you’d say, ‘Let’s get in the studio, I’m free from this time to that time, I got a song I’d like to show to you and let’s see what we can do.’ Then they show up, they do it, and it’s much love until the next time. But with DOOM, you can say whatever time you want. He’ll say, ‘Word, word, word,’ but that doesn’t mean he’ll be there. So I had to learn how to juggle around that way of working with him. DOOM’s definitely on his own time, and on a clock that no one else has. Once I learned that, everything was fine. DOOM’s different, he’s unorthodox, he’s an alien."

    https://www.rosenbergradio.com/rosenberg-interview/2017/10/16/rosenberg-interviews-peanut-butter-wolf Rosenberg with Wolf. First 34 minutes is about Charizma/early ST, from that point they discuss Madlib and Dilla.

    Nah, that's Dakim. https://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2016/07/saafron-reishi

    I have to say VMP gets really confusing with all its fees, different tiers of memberships.... For Chalice you'd have to subscribe to their monthly service for the previously mentioned price. Then if you're an "Essential member", which I assume new sign ups won't be, you can pay additional(?) 23 bucks to get on the rap/hiphop subscription and receive Chalice as a part of that. For Brazil again you need the monthly subscription, which grants you access to order member exclusive items, such as Brazil which atm they are listing at 27 dollars. Plus shipping like you said. VMP staff could clarify if I got this right, but yyeeeaah, really doesn't grab me. For reference, Madvillainy had 3000 copies pressed btw.
  10. MADLIB

    Info on Brazil comes from their forum post HERE From what I gather, yes, you have to subscribe for a month for 42 dollarinos or for 3 months for 36/month. That's their cheapest/shortest option, unless Rappcats gets few loosies which I doubt?
  11. MADLIB

    Board is getting sleepy again, how's this not posted yet: Some beats at least during the last 10 minutes. Glad nobody is trying to steal the cdr's. Also, that venue does not look very safe for the crowd or the artist...
  12. Samiyam - Animals Have Feelings

    Jerky is the highlight for me after first spin. I'd guess Swamp, Pizza and Sour could be older recordings?
  13. MADLIB

    Vinyl Me, Please is releasing Flight to Brazil and 420 Chalice All-Stars on wax. Flight to Brazil will be available from their store October 16th, exclusively for members. 750 copies, black 2lp. Chalice All-Stars: "In November, our Rap And Hip-Hop subscribers will receive Living Legends’ Classic, a backpack rap, well, classic, that features production from legendary hip-hop producer Madlib, who made the Rap and Hip-Hop selection for December. 420 Chalice All Stars—a never released on vinyl selection from Madlib’s Medicine Show series that features an indelible mix of reggae and beats." http://www.vinylmeplease.com/magazine/sign-vinyl-me-please-rap-hip-hop/
  14. DOOM

    "Ending our relationship" is quite strong wording, but I don't what to think or speculate because of the "lie" hint. WestSideDOOM, ehhh. Not too thrilled. Here and there people seem surprised to hear it isn't a full album - To begin with I think West loosely referred to it as a "project" at best, some added the expectation of an album on their own.
  15. DOOM

    In case you didn't know, for years Adult Swim has had those kind of messages for 404 errors, so don't go reading it like it's a secret metaphorical piece about DOOM. So yeah, they took down the Notebook page. But what a waste if this really is what the "It's all a lie" alluded to, and that's the reason that line was placed in the website code.