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  1. Dilla's MPC on the National Mall

    http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/1011473 They restored this Dilla interview done on swedish radio 2003.
  2. DOOM

    That version is from DOOM's own soundcloud. Ain't this new also? edit: oh I guess this is similarly longer version of DOOM's verse from 2Stings with Westside Gunn.
  3. j. rocc


    Talk about not giving a fuuuuck. Reminds me of that one Boilerroom set I think in which he was playing in middle of the crowd with just loose discs laying around the turntables within anyones reach. Glad to hear the show was awesome. Do try to post the footage if you can.

    Madlib did a dj set in Denver, Yasiin showed up on stage sayin "Madlib Black Star, Madlib, Yasiin, Talib, coming soon, Madlib Black Star, 2018" The crowd went woo.

  7. j. rocc

    No one seems to have compiled a tracklist for J. Rocc's Secondhand Sureshots podcast. I would've been interested in the live recording "love your life, it's a blessing" with that funky bass guitar starting at around 18 min. All in all one of my favorite mixes.
  8. what are you listening to?

  9. DOOM

    Damn track is hard! "Grown folks is talking, don't even mumble"
  10. MADLIB

    Add this to the Lootpack remixes.
  11. DOOM

    How do your kids influence you in terms of making music? Do they put you up on things they're listening to? That's another good question. I got a son who's in high school, I got a son who's just going into kindergarten, and a daughter who's just learning to walk. I get a wide range of reactions to guage. They are always involved in it at some level, whether it's my daughter--'cause if she's going to sleep, there's only certain kinds of music that I can play to keep her calm. My son is the second in succession going up in age, five years old, and he loves music. When I'm programming, he's always coming in the room; he wants to do my album. It's to the point where I have to make him my assistant. So really, he's my second set of ears, and he listens to it as it's being made and sees the process. And I'll just look over at him and guage his reactions. Certain things, he'll be like, "Turn it off, that's wack." And I'll be like, "What do you know about 'wack'?" I use the terminology without really hearing myself, and he'll tap into it. Then my oldest son, he's in the eleventh grade. He was born around the time of Black Bastards. He's been with me through the whole thing, seen all the records. He's more laid-back; he's not so up-front musically. He more draws and paints and stuff like that. But he enjoys music. Sometimes, I check his iPod out to see what he's fucking with. Between all three of the ages, that's like my guage, really, as well as my own ear. DOOM in WaxPoetics, 2008.
  12. 90's Stones Throw Webpage

    Yesss, the Packumentary. Part of this interview they were playing Tekken. Shame this current board wasn't customized back to the orange color palette.
  13. Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    these black babies getting injected with this mercury serum, i have a son, I ain't gon' let them needles get nowhere near him
  14. MADLIB

    Cool transition to Slum Village. Madlib playing Migos