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  1. https://officialkankick.bandcamp.com/album/kan-kick-remixes-1 Kan's Mixcloud seems to be gone...
  2. Also yo, whaaaat is this archive this
  3. I can only think of two similar ones, or at least having unknown origins... The "Doom" aka "No Refunds" track on Think Differently Music's DOOM! compilation. I would've guessed it's Jake One produced Born Like This scrap, but the track is referencing Viktor Vaughn, and a YouTube link I found had been taken down by NatureSounds. Second being this acapella played by J. Rocc 13:20. I posted it here before, nobody reacted so I assumed we quietly agreed it's most likely off that one certain project...
  4. Instead of saving it, they seem to be restreaming the archive on loop, managed to catch it anyways. Stack of cd-r's, but quite safe selection of music. Couple known originals like for Healer and Meat Grinder. During the usual Zamrock tunes Madlib went "ain't none of you hearing this shit unless I'm here". Two Mobb Deep tracks. Wanna say he played two new beats, he threw 'a world premier' vocal sample during those. Towards the end he played three trap mumble tracks or whatever, and the crowd went cuckoo especially for Mask Off. ..... Trap Konducta???
  5. Messed up...
  6. So this is out now. Not too bad based on snippets - mostly unheard beats though few sound odd. Will give a full listen. Notice the similarity between DD.003 and Illa J's We Here.
  7. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/j-dillas-delights-vol-1/id1244307534 Another.
  8. Very chilled and informative talk with J. Rocc, DJ Babu handing Madlib tapes, Dilla, KOUSHIK They've featured other Stones Throw artists too, so check em.
  9. Adult Swim Singles 2017 includes "DOOM feat. Jay Electronica", perhaps the one played during DOOM's show, last year was it...
  10. Part of me hoped this was Nas tracks reworked to sound like Quas. Match acapella to slow instrumental, speed back up.
  11. 1. DonutProducer- for the melody and a fitting snare chosen according to rules. 2. Lonius - even mix, piano chops yo 3. crtl x skillz - bounce! shoutouts to kautzallainen for the bugged out sound and WigMaster, first flip on some Undertaker entrance theme and sweet bassline.
  12. I too did exactly this. Think the use of the Motherload track remains as the most bugged out thing for me.